Can We Guess Where You Live Based on Your Religious Habits?

Tasha Moore

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About This Quiz

Humans have always used everyday resources and activities to aid in their religious practices. It's part of our attempt to find deeper meaning in the ordinary things that we do. Your predictable human routines help this quiz to guess where in the world you live based on your religious habits.

Do you attend every church gathering, potluck, prayer group and Bible study? Or, are you the kind of person who'd rather just worship with your family and go home to watch football? Your habit, no matter how many times you go to a service, can send a pretty good message to God. Maybe you're the person who prioritizes holidays and special events to attend church, but like to find God outside in nature on the other Sundays. That reveals so much about your personality. 

Though God already knows where you live, we don't have to call on Him in this quiz. Your answers will reveal the truth and illuminate the path you're walking right now. In whatever way you regularly acknowledge the higher power in your life, we will take a guess at where you flex those godly skills of yours. Bow your head and clasp your hands to enter on this journey.

How many Bible verses do you have memorized?

What do you wear to church?

Call out the first thing you do when you arrive at your house of worship.

Do you consider missionary work to be important?

Are you a cook or a server during church kitchen duty?

Grape juice or wine during holy communion?

When do you welcome your pastor into your home?

What's the most superstitious thing that you've done in church?

Which type of instrument do you play during church service?

Did Martin Luther affect your religious habits?

The typical attire that your pastor wears when preaching is ________.

How many wheels does it take for you to make it to church?

What dish always gets served at church?

Suggest the most recent church-sponsored activity that you remember.

How much in tithes do you offer every week?

Whose feet do you refuse to wash?

Do you kneel or stand during prayer?

Which song do you sing along with the church choir?

Has the choir ever invited you to perform a solo?

Name something special that you do during Christmas time.

Tell us your Easter role.

Does your church allow worship through dance?

What is the longest time that you've sat through a church service?

When was the last time you attended church?

Do you know all the church festivals in the liturgical year?

How often do you pray?

Confess the last thing you remember the pope saying.

Do you find yourself helping your neighbors often?

Has your church ever split over political issues?

Do you practice speaking in tongues?

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