Quiz: Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based on Your Taste in Sushi?
Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based on Your Taste in Sushi?
By: Emily Maggrett
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About This Quiz

Going out for sushi soon? What are you going to order? Would you believe that your answer might just reveal the place where you grew up?

It might sound wild, but the way you enjoy sushi can be a big indicator of where you come from. Everything from the place you choose to sit in the restaurant to the condiments you use to the rolls you order says something about your background and past experiences. A Midwesterner and a native of the Northwest may have totally different tastes in rolls, nigiri or sashimi (not to mention sake, beer and appetizers!) Whereas if you're from Louisiana, your feelings about crunchy shrimp rolls will be very different from those of a Californian.

In this quiz, we're going to ask you about your favorite sushi as well as your favorite sushi sides, condiments and even desserts. Each answer will give us another clue about where you're from and how it formed your personal taste. Don't be afraid to be honest: there's no wrong way to enjoy sushi, despite what some food snobs might say. So, are you ready to share your sushi preferences with us to find out what they say about you? Take this quiz!

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First things first: if the sushi restaurant is empty, where will you choose to sit?
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What will you be drinking with your sushi?
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It's time to order appetizers. Which of these options tempts your palate?
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Your friends would like to order a big roll for the table to share. Which one do you choose?
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Now it's time to order a vegetarian roll to share. Which one will you lobby for?
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Someone at your table says the uni nigiri, or sea urchin sushi, is delicious. Are you going to order it?
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What's your favorite sushi condiment?
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You've got a craving for tuna. Which form of tuna sushi will you enjoy?
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What's your favorite nigiri?
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Your best friend wants to order a California roll. What is your response?
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Which sushi side dish do you HAVE to order?
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You decide to order a wacky sushi roll, just for fun. Which one do you get?
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Would you be willing to try a roll that's made with barbecue beef and hot sauce?
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Which dessert will you order to finish off your sushi dinner?
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