Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based on Your Taste in Men?

Emily Maggrett

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What kind of guys are you into? Do you like the rugged yet sensitive type, or are you partial to funny, boyish babes? Is there a type of guy that you know you shouldn't like, but still do? Or do you have a confirmed type that you're proud of?

The place where you grew up may have conditioned your taste in men. Who was your earliest crush? Did you grow up watching Tom Hanks movies, or was John Stamos more your speed? As a New Jersey girl, did you have a poster of Bruce Springsteen pinned above your bed, or were you more fond of rewatching the scene in "Thelma and Louise" when Brad Pitt shows up in those jeans? We're not saying every Texas girl is going to have a crush on Hank Hill, but we'd be surprised if you didn't have a thing for Kyle Chandler as Coach Taylor. If you're from the Northwest, our guess is that you dig Kyle MacLachlan, but we'd be downright shocked if you didn't like Kurt Cobain when you were younger. But maybe we're wrong. Want to prove that your taste in men is different from that of people from your region? Take this quiz!

Which Batman is the hottest Batman?

Which reality show has the most handsome guys?

Who's the sexiest literary character of all time?

What's the sexiest job for a man to have?

Which one of these politicians is the cutest?

Which 1980s leading man makes you hot to trot?

Which TV show has the best-looking male cast?

Who's your favorite fictional vampire?

Which one of these bad boys reminds you of a guy you can't forget?

Which one of these singer-songwriters makes you want to check into the Chelsea Hotel?

If you could transform your life into a romantic comedy, which one would you choose?

Which one of these songs reminds you of your hottest relationship?

What keeps you interested in a guy?

Who's your favorite '90s character actor?

Who's the hottest country music star of all time?

Who's your favorite leading man?

Who's the sexiest 2020 presidential candidate?

Who's the most attractive athlete of all time?

Which 1950s leading man makes you swoon?

Who's the hottest Hollywood actor popular in movies right now?

Who's the most attractive comedian of all time?

Who's your favorite quirky actor?

If you could transform your life into an erotic thriller, which one would you choose?

Which reality TV star do you fantasize the most about?

Which classic rock musician gets your motor running?

Who's the hottest guy on "The Great British Bake Off"?

Who's the cutest rapper of all time?

Who's the hottest 1990s musician?

Which one of these bad boys would you most likely date in real life?

Which one of these songs reminds you of your best relationship?

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