Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based on Your Taste in Food?

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Regional cuisine is part of the reason the restaurant industry is worth billions of dollars.  If we just had "food" out there, like those uninspired food cubes from old episodes of "Star Trek," then eating would be boring.  

We need our tikka masala, sushi, pupusas, gumbo and hot dish because food is best when it takes you on a sensory journey to another place or time!  Food is life, and it should be a joy.  And it is!  But it's also a reflection of the people who make it.  The ingredients you have handy, the climate in which you live, the history of your people; all of these things have an effect on what you eat and what you like.  Is it a surprise, then, that we might be able to guess where you're from based on your tastes?

If food is regional, then, so too, are a lot of tastes.  And even if you like a wide variety of foods, we bet your tastes are still firmly rooted in where you grew up.  So tell us about your likes and dislikes, let us know what makes your mouth water and what makes you cringe, and we'll tell you exactly where you come from. 

If fish is on the menu for dinner, what would be the best way to prepare it?

Say you've got a nice, juicy cut of beef. What do you want to do with it?

What do you think is the best way to prepare some chicken?

How do you like to have your rice prepared?

If you're in the market for some potatoes, how do you want them done?

What's your all-time favorite fast food restaurant?

When you want something crunchy, what are you going to reach for?

What's the best topping to go on a pizza?

What's the one ingredient that will take a taco from good to great?

There are about a million ways to prepare beans, but which way is your favorite?

Everyone likes a nice, fresh salad sometimes. What ingredient is essential for a tasty salad?

If you're in the market for a hearty breakfast, how are you cooking your eggs?

You need to have some meat with breakfast, right? What's usually on the plate?

What's your hot beverage of choice to go alongside a meal?

A bowl of cereal will never steer you wrong. Pick your favorite cereal.

If you were going to make yourself a sandwich for lunch, what might you have?

Pasta isn't just Italian, what's your favorite pasta dish of all time?

If you were going to go vegetarian for a meal, what veggie would stand in for the meat?

Everyone likes pie, right? What kind of pie is your favorite?

It's hard to not love cheese. What kind of cheese is your favorite?

If you were going to eat some pork, how would you be likely to cook it up?

You can't go wrong when you order some seafood. What shellfish dish is the best?

Sometimes, you can't call a meal a meal unless cake is served. What kind of cake do you love?

What do you think is the best topping to go on your hamburger?

How do you top a hot dog to make it as delicious as possible?

Are you a fan of spice in your food?

What is your favorite type of fruit?

If you were going to drink a glass of wine with your meal, what would you have?

What is your favorite kind of steaming, hot soup?

If you're having something delivered, what are you most likely to order?

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