Quiz: Can We Guess Where You Grew Up, Based on Your Taste in Desserts?
Can We Guess Where You Grew Up, Based on Your Taste in Desserts?
By: Amanda Monell
Image: Pixabay / unicorn_owner

About This Quiz

For many of us, dessert is considered a treat to have after a meal. However, for a select few, dessert is a way of life.  For those of us with sweet teeth, we have our sweets quota, with chocolate leading the way, making it nearly impossible to resist.  We'll try to eat something healthy and sweet, like a piece of fruit, but it is pretty much useless to a majority of us.  We need our sweets fix, and if it isn't in the form of something baked, fried or processed, we're not taking it.  

However, when you travel the world, you'll find that our taste buds aren't so different from our brethren.  For example, in England, many of their desserts are decadent, with rich creams, which is a delight to some of us, while a dessert in Brazil will often utilize many of the fruits in the area, making it a healthier alternative to many of the other countries' offerings.  And just like with American desserts, Australian chefs and bakers create desserts by using influences of their country's inhabitants.

Do you have a sophisticated palate?  Are you adventurous in your dessert selections?  If so, grab something sweet and take this quiz!

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After a large dinner, which dessert cocktail would you drink?

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What flavor ice cream do you gravitate toward?

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Which of these toppings would you put on top of a sundae?

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What flavor popsicle would you eat?

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Which of these carnival sweets would you eat?

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What dessert would you make for a group of friends?

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When it comes to cupcakes, what flavor would you say is your favorite?

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Japan has fallen in love with Kit Kats, and Nestle has created some unique flavors. Which specialty flavor would you eat?

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Which candy named after an animal would you eat?

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If someone you knew attempted to make you dessert but failed miserably, what would you do?

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When it comes to a smoothie, which item would you add to make it healthier?

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What flavor of smoothie would you eat?

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Which of these cookies do you love to eat?

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What flavor jello is your favorite?

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