Can We Guess When You'll Get Your First Significant Other?

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We can totally relate to feeling fed up as you close out of a dating app. Who knew swiping could be so exhausting? Okay, it's not really the physical action itself that wears us out (although, we have been known to have sore thumbs from time to time). It's more flipping past face after face but knowing none of them are "the one." If you're ready AF for something real, take our quiz to find out when you'll get your first significant other.

It would be so much easier if love came with a handbook, but since it doesn't, we promise to do our best to guess when you're going to meet that first special someone. Ah, young love. Is there anything more beautiful? Regardless of your age, a meaningful relationship isn't easy to find. If you feel like you've tried everything and just aren't having any luck, then this quiz is for you. Take a break from the dating grind, and kick back with our fun quiz. Right now, you may think love is a longshot, but your results could leave you shook. Find out when you'll get your first significant other! Then, pass this quiz along to your friend who's worried they'll be lonely forever.

When you meet someone you think is kind of cute, what is the first thing you notice about them?

Be real with us. What are your thoughts about love at first sight?

After chatting with someone you think you could be into, which of the following stands out most about your conversation?

Of the following places, where do you think you're most likely to meet your first significant other?

They say opposites attract, but common interests are high key important too. What do you hope you and your S.O. will share?

No cap physical chemistry matters too. So, which of the following would you like your future significant other to have?

When you picture your future significant other, what job do you imagine them having?

In 2018, lots of people thought Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were meant to be. What did you think of these almost significant others?

Adulting is easier when there's someone around to split the workload. Which chore would you most like your significant other to take over?

Which of the following incredible memories would you feel #blessed to make with your significant other?

If someone were to throw shade your way, how would you want you significant other to react?

How important is it to you that your significant other works out?

If you were hangry (happens to the best of us), how would you expect your significant other to deal with you?

When someone slides into your DMs, how likely are you to take them seriously?

Talk about #GOALS. Which celebrity couple are you obsessed with?

Let's say you went out on a few dates, but then, the person you were talking to just up and ghosted you. How would you react?

Which of the following deal breakers would absolutely make you say BYE FELICIA?

Imagine you and your significant other are spending a low key night at home. What do you two do together?

Thinking back, when did you have your first kiss?

In the future, where do you see you and your significant other living?

You won't be able to handpick everything about your significant other, but which of the following characteristics do they have to have?

OOF, if you're being totally honest, why do you think you haven't had your first significant other yet?

When you're headed out on a date, what's your go-to style?

Pick-up lines: how do you feel about them?

The way to our heart is through our stomach. Which of the following foods would be most romantic to share with your S.O.?

If things get super serious with your significant other, perhaps you two will get a pet. Which animal will round out your little family?

If your dating life was a Ben and Jerry's flavor, what would it be?

Who is the most important person in your life that absolutely must approve of your significant other?

As you and your significant other grow old together, what chill hobby would you two take up together?

We know it's hard out here for a single person. Which dating app do you mostly rely on?

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