Can We Guess When You Served in the Military?

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Every war has its sides, its weapons, its cultures, and its soldiers. Wars shape history, and shape the men and women who live it. Wars punctuate periods of history when the forces that write the chronicle of life come to blows. Wars exhibit extremes. Men and women behave in ways that showcase the finest aspects of human nature and the worst depravities man is capable of. Back home, life goes on, and soldiers remain frozen in time, untouched by the cultural shifts happening in their absence until they get their discharge papers.

Every war produced its own kinds of veterans, from the shores of Tripoli to the Battle of Ypres. These men and women sucked dirt and took fire in ways that while unique, are something anyone who has worn a uniform in wartime can relate to.

Did you serve the United States in wartime? How well do you remember those days? How did it leave you changed? How were you received when you got home? Did you come away from the war with memories of grateful locals or chants urging you to leave? Did you keep in touch with your fellow veterans, and if so, did the experience bond you in ways that helped back home in civilian life? Can we guess when you served?

Did you encounter great diversity among your fellow servicemen?

How many female servicemen did you see in combat zones?

What crude technology did you use on a typical day?

What advanced technology did you get to see in use in your war?

What was the weather like in your war's war zone?

Did the public at home think your war was justified?

Are there many movies about your war?

What is the general mood in most movies about your war?

Are there many songs about your war?

Who is the most famous fictional hero of your war?

Do people feel the same way about your war as they did when it was fought?

How was the peace handled after the war was over?

How are relations today between the US and the country we were at war with?

Is the nation you fought a place Americans would want to vacation in today?

What sort of government now stands in the nation you fought against?

What language is spoken in the place you fought?

Are there beaches where you went to war?

Are there mountains where you went to war?

What's the wildlife like where you went to war?

Did many soldiers mingle with the citizenry in the place you fought?

How close were you to the enemy in your war?

What sort of weapons did the enemy wield in your war?

What rifle did you carry in your war?

What sort of air support did you count on?

What was on TV when you were growing up?

What did you miss out on at home while you were away at war?

Did you have a lot of family with you while you were at war?

How long did you stay in the service?

Would you recommend others join up?

What branch of the service would you want to be in today?

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