Quiz: Can We Guess What Your First Truck Was?
Can We Guess What Your First Truck Was?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

There's nothing like that first car... especially when it's a truck. Whether it was grandpa's old farm truck or a brand spanking new pickup, the first truck you drove says a lot about you. Answer these 30 questions, and we'll tell you what your first truck was? Ready to roll?

We're pretty sure that your first truck wasn't as old as the first pickup truck ever built. That was a 1913 model which was essentially a hauling box on a Ford Model T chassis. But the seed was sown, and the pickup truck was born. From there, Dodge made a model constructed entirely of wood (the cab and body, that is). But Ford still had a corner on the market. In 1925, Ford produced 34,000 of their Model T Runabout with a pickup body and sold it for a whopping $281.00. By 1928, the pickup was released as a Model A and added to the Ford line. Chevy joined the fun in 1931, and then Dodge jumped on the bandwagon. A rivalry was born, and the pickup became more than just a farm vehicle.

If you're ready to tell us enough about you by answering these 30 questions so that we can guess what your first truck was, let's get this show on the road!

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