Can We Guess What Year You Graduated From Your Taste in Makeup?

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Every decade has its style icons. The '50s had Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. The '60s had Twiggy, Cher, and Jackie Kennedy. The '70s saw women dress like Farrah Fawcett and Debbie Harry. The '80s had two big contrasting style icons in Cyndi Lauper and Princess Diana. In the '90s, Gwen Stefani, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz inspired millions of women to wear their makeup like them. Today, some women look to Taylor Swift and Cara Delevigne for their fashion cues. However, many more are looking to the past to create their signature style. 

When it comes to makeup, color palettes change every decade. The '50s were the decade of cat eyes and big bold red lips. In the '60s, the focus shifted to the eyes, which were adorned with bold eyeliner and eye shadow colors. The '70s continued the trend, but someone women sought out more natural looks. The natural looks continued into the '80s and the '90s. However, many women still proudly wore their eye shows in vibrant blues, greens, and purples. The '90s also saw the popularity of lip liner skyrocket, but its popularity didn't leave the decade. In the new millennium, makeup styles run the spectrum of natural to bold. 

Throughout the years, makeup styles change, yet one thing remains true: women are always experimenting with new ways to wear their makeup. Are you ready to find out from which decade you're taking your fashion inspiration? Will we accurately guess the year you graduated high school? Take the quiz to find out if we're spot on or if you should have graduated earlier! Maybe you'll even find out you're younger at heart than you originally thought! 

Who is your makeup style icon?

Would you ever wear brown lipstick?

Have you ever experimented with a cat eye?

Are you brave enough to rock a bold eye shadow, like a bold green or blue?

Which makeup brand is your favorite?

When you put on makeup, on which part of your face do you focus?

How do you prefer to wear your eyebrows?

Do you consider foundation to be an essential part of your makeup routine?

What shade of blush are you most likely to wear?

How important are long lashes to you?

Did you ever dye your hair an unnatural shade, such as blue, pink, or green?

Would you ever wear contrasting lip liner?

How experimental do you get with your makeup?

Is makeup necessary for you to be able to feel like yourself?

From which era's makeup icons are you most likely to seek inspiration?

Which decade's makeup seems clownish in hindsight?

Do you always have a lipstick in your purse?

Do you wear false eyelashes?

Were you ever tempted to wear black eye shadow and black lipstick?

How many eye shadow colors are too many to wear at once?

What type of makeup do you prefer to use?

How do you describe your makeup style in one word?

How do you wear your eyeliner?

Do you use a highlighter on your face?

How do you feel about bronzer?

Have you ever contoured your face?

What amount of time do you need to put on your makeup?

How heavy do you wear your makeup?

How much money is too much money to spend on an eye shadow palette with four colors?

Would you ever wear mascara that isn't black or brown?

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