Can We Guess What UK City You'll Live in Five Years From Now?

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Every British person who has ever been abroad has had the experience of telling a foreigner which country they come from, only to have that person assume that they live in London. After all, London is the only really big city in the U.K. — other than the capital, only Birmingham clocks in over a million residents.

However, there are dozens of smaller cities in Britain that have all sorts of awesome things going for them. Manchester has great nightlife. Liverpool has a thriving jobs market. Newcastle has way more theatres than you'd expect in such a small space. Cambridge has some of the brightest minds in the world, crammed into a shockingly small space. Brighton is family-friendly, affordable, and has a lovely view and even some pleasant sunny weather!

It's true — whatever sort of lifestyle you like, there is a city in the UK that will suit you. If you are young and ambitious but haven't yet started a family, there are larger cities like Glasgow and Cardiff. If you're more relaxed and just want to afford a good house in an area with little unemployment, there's Oxford. If you love beautiful architecture and natural history, there's Salisbury.

Which of these suits you, or will do in five years? Let's find out!

On a scale of 1-10, how ambitious are you?

If Brexit triggers Scotland leaving the U.K. and rejoining the E.U. on its own, which side of that border would you like to be on?

What field do you work in?

Skyscrapers: good or evil?

How many kids do you anticipate having in five years' time?

How important is it to be able to get to London for an evening show?

Where would you like to go for a hike?

What is the best sort of neighbour you could imagine?

What is your usual Saturday night activity?

How large a dating pool is the minimum sustainable requirement?

How historic do you like your surroundings to be?

What institution would you love to have anchoring your city's economy?

How many times a year do you fly overseas?

Are you a native-born Brit?

What's your take on car ownership?

What sort of pet would you like to own in five years?

If you lived in a house that was listed, thus you could never do a major renovation, how much would that bother you?

You're walking through your town and see people filming your favorite show. What is it?

What do you absolutely NOT need in your home city?

Technically a city is anywhere with a cathedral — but really it's about numbers. How small is too small for a proper city?

Whether you're Christian or not, Christmas is the big family holiday in the UK. Where do you like to celebrate it?

Which regional accent appeals to you the most?

How do you feel about those foreigners who think all British people are from London?

What do you need to know will NEVER happen in your city?

Are you badly-affected by lack of sunlight?

How many nights per week do you want to cook from scratch?

How many students would you like to be around?

What inconvenience are you happy to put up with if everything else about your home is just right?

Students aside — do you mind dealing with a lot of tourists in your town?

What do you hope people will associate with you because of where you live?

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