Can We Guess What Type of Woman You're Drawn To?

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About This Quiz

Do you have good taste in women?

When it comes to people, do opposites really attract? Some people swear that this is the case, while others truly believe that a lasting relationship can only be built on a foundation that stands on common ground! In any case, for most of us there is probably a clear-cut pattern when it comes to the type of people that we are attracted to. Think about some of your past romantic partners. Are you the type of person who values physical appearance over someone's confidence, intellect or sense of humor? Maybe you need to have morals or religious beliefs that completely match up with someone before you can even begin dating? 

Whatever the case may be, with this quiz we've found a diverse range of carefully selected questions that can be used to guess what type of woman you're drawn to! Do you desire a woman who has a successful career? Are you looking for a woman who wants to start a family? Is she a poet, a painter, a musician or a businesswoman... or maybe she's all of the above! 

Let's jump into this quiz and see if we can narrow down the selection a bit!

Which of these words best describes your ideal woman?

Which color hair do you find most attractive on a woman?

What is your idea of a fun date?

What is something positive that your friends would say about your ideal girlfriend?

What is something negative that your friends would say about your ideal girlfriend?

Which of these facial features do you find the most attractive?

What is the ideal hair length that you find attractive?

How would you most likely meet your perfect woman?

Would your ideal girl have tattoos?

Which of these things should she be able to do?

Which of these celebrities is closest to your ideal girlfriend?

Before you decide to get married, which of these things should she show you that she’s capable of doing?

Your ideal woman needs to be able to do which of these things?

Which of these is the biggest turnoff in a relationship?

After the necessities are taken care of, where does most of your money go?

Approximately how many hours do you spend on social media each day?

Which of these things is the most annoying?

Which of these articles of clothing do you find the sexiest?

What is your go-to way to break off a relationship?

How often do you take selfies?

Which of these things do you consider to be the most important for a happy life?

What is one thing about you that attracts women the most?

Which of these breakfasts is the best?

Which of these aspects of a relationship are the most important?

What is your drink of choice?

Which of these music genres do you prefer?

What type of movies are you most fond of?

Which of these character traits is the most appealing?

Which of these character traits is the most annoying?

What is your most common way of showing affection to a girlfriend?

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