Can We Guess What Turns You On?

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About This Quiz

Sometimes you meet someone, and you feel such a deep and passionate instant connection that you almost can't believe it. However, on other occasions, the exact opposite happens. While some of us have a type, it can sometimes be difficult to predict what exactly it is about another person that can light that spark. Do you think that we can figure out what lights your fire?     

Maybe we can figure out what turns you on most about other people with this quiz? What's your type? And do all the people you fall for have something (or a few somethings) interesting in common? If they do, maybe we can suss it out. Beyond hair color, eye color, and other physical features is a deep level of attraction that can be based on things which are harder to define. After all, sometimes you just feel it, and other times you just do not. The heart can be a very tricky thing to predict, but that isn't going to stop us from giving it our very best shot! 

We are going to go way beyond skin deep and try to guess what traits in others truly speak to your romantic soul with this quiz! 

Which language of love speaks to you most?

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?

For you, dating is mostly:

How does spending a quiet night in reading different books with your partner sound?

How do you feel about men covering the bill while on dates with women?

How heavily tattooed would you prefer your ideal partner to be?

Which of these things do you notice about a person first?

Do you prefer to date someone who is into nerd culture?

Do you use dating apps?

Do you like to read romance novels?

Which element resonates with you more?

Which of these things is the biggest turn off for you?

What kind of gift would you rather receive?

If you came home to find that your partner spontaneously filled your bedroom with rose petals, how would you react?

Is it important to you that your partner matches or exceeds your education level?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Which activity would you rather do with a partner?

Would you ever date someone who was challenging?

Do you like to argue?

Would you be comfortable with someone telling you that they love you on a first date?

Which is a big deal breaker for you?

Is getting married important to you?

How important is it to you that your partner dresses well?

If your partner acts jealous, what would you think of that?

How deep do you want to get with another person on a first date?

Is it important to you that someone can make you laugh?

Does your partner need to share your political views?

If your friends didn't like your partner, how would you react?

What would you rather your partner do for you?

Has a partner ever found your tastes in bed too weird or rough?

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