Can We Guess What State Your Soulmate Is In?

Tasha Moore

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One of the 50 U.S. states has managed to produce the love of your life. Leave it up to us to guess the state that you need to thank. All it takes is for you to answer truthfully about romantic and practical matters, and we'll do the rest. Don't rush to travel when you find out the location where your babe is from. The answer only informs of their origins; your bae may be closer than you think.

Considering that we are the products of our environments, we've mastered the science of love by structuring a personality analysis geared at determining a person's place of origin. You're most compatible with types with whom you share similar interests, so choosing the perfect person for you is not hard at all! 

Health-conscious creatures who fall in love can hail from just about anywhere, but eternally sunny spots in the Americas, like California and Florida, tend to cultivate more active outdoorsy compatibles. Family-oriented individuals are likely to have experienced a large family upbringing in a home filled with a gang of siblings.  Big-city citizens are used to dwelling in smaller spaces with fewer people in them than in sprawling estates. It's that easy!

Allow us to compile your likes, dislikes, habits and rituals to reveal the state that's most responsible for your bae of a lifetime! 

What type of home do you plan to share with bae?

How educated does your maybe-boo need to be?

Do you imagine having a multilingual honeybunch?

What would you like your future bae's life motto to be?

Which of these qualities do you seek in a potential boo?

Which place would you choose for an awesome first date?

If your significant other were an athlete, what sport would they play?

Do you plan on having a big or small family with your soulmate?

If your passion for you-know-who were a natural phenomenon, which one would it be?

Is your possible partner's shallow bank account a deal-breaker for you?

Are there any colors that you'd prefer to look good on bae?

If you and your darling were lost in the middle of a forest at night, what direction would your gut prompt you to go automatically?

Can you imagine your reaction to your first fight with your soulmate?

What would be the ideal weather pattern during your romance?

Is marriage in the future for you and your partner?

What would be the best mode of transportation for the two of you?

Can you name a romantic staycation concept that'll enhance the passion between you?

What would your soulmate be an expert in?

Select your future soulmate's religion.

Would you mind if your mate could read your thoughts?

Is there enough room in your heart for more than one soulmate?

Would you or your darling do all of the cooking?

What type of entertainment would the two of you love?

When revealing your vacation preference, what do the two of you blurt out simultaneously?

Does your soulmate love nature as much as you do?

Would you be intimidated if your boo has read more books than you?

You go to a dance club and someone cuts in to dance with your soulmate. What do you do?

You and your honey spot a celebrity. Who's taking the pic?

Would you and bae even bother with art walks?

You want bae to move to your state. What response do you expect?

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