Can We Guess What State You Hate the Most?

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Some people say you need to watch how you use the word "hate" since hate is a powerful word. While that may be true, it doesn't mean you shouldn't hate certain things. It's a natural human emotion that you can't always deny. 

No one likes everything, and you don't need to, either. Music, movies, food, and yes, even states. There's a state you hate, we all know it. Maybe you grew up there and have a lot of bad memories about it. Perhaps your in-laws are from that state. Maybe you get speeding tickets every time you drive through there. Who's to say? 

Whatever the reason, we feel pretty confident that there's at least one state out of all 50 that is not the state for you. You'd never live there, don't want t visit there and would just as soon not even talk about it. But humor us for a second! Hating things is only part of being human, and since that's something we can all understand, maybe we can even guess what state you hate. We're not necessarily hate psychics, but you never know. Grab your map of the U.S., and let's take a road trip to Hatesville!

Do you find accents endearing or annoying?

What do you like more, stifling hot summers or brutally cold winters?

States are generally considered blue or red based on their politics. Which way do you lean?

Let's leave the U.S. for a moment. What country has the best cuisine in the world?

Now, which kind of cuisine do you just not enjoy at all?

How do you like to get around town when driving isn't an option?

How often do you go to the beach?

What's your opinion about crowds?

Do you like having tons of space around you?

If you could learn a new language, what would you learn?

People believe in all kinds of unusual monsters. Which one sounds the dumbest to you?

Everyone likes to unwind with some tunes now and then. What kind of music are you most into?

If you were going to have fish for dinner tonight, what kind would you most want to have?

Aside from the lettuce, what's the best thing to put in your salad?

You get one week of vacation this year and you can go anywhere on Earth. Where will you go?

What kind of weather do you absolutely despise?

How are you living your life day to day?

Did you make your bed this morning?

How much of a social butterfly are you?

Do you try to keep yourself at the cutting edge of what's cool and trendy?

What characteristic makes a person super annoying in your eyes?

Which Marvel villain did you sympathize with the most?

At what age do you think people should legally be able to drink alcohol and gamble?

How often do you get into political arguments with people on the internet?

Small town or big city?

If you were going to pick a spirit animal for yourself, what would it be?

No matter what state you're in, you probably have Netflix. What's your favorite genre of movie to stream when you're home alone?

What's the best protein for a taco?

Where are you living right now?

It's a hot summer day. What are you sipping to keep cool?

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