Can We Guess What State You Belong in Based on Your Choice in Cheese?

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Is there any food that's better than cheese? Think about it - what doesn't go with cheese? It pretty much fits everywhere. What else can be at home on a hamburger and also in a cake? You can melt it on your nachos, mix it into your pasta, slather it on your broccoli or just peel off some strings to munch on while you're watching movies. It goes everywhere. And since it does go everywhere it kind of makes you wonder where you should be going, too. Maybe your taste in cheese has a bit to say about where you fit into the world. Why not, right?

Since there are so many kinds of cheese, literally thousands of them in fact, you can get to know someone pretty well by diving into their cheese choices. Tell us a bit about what kind of cheese you like and what kind of cheese you don't like, and maybe what you like to do with that cheese once you get a hold of it since there are hundreds of ways to prepare and serve it and we'll tell you which state across the country is the best fit for you. You'll get a snack and a new home out of the deal! Nice! Take the quiz and see!

Mozzarella is the most popular cheese in the world thanks to all those pizzas we eat but what other cheese goes on a pizza?

You can't have a toasted bagel with nothing on it. Pick the best cream cheese for it!

You've got a big plate of spaghetti, so what kind of cheese goes best with it?

The best thing about cheese is how it gets when it melts. So what's the best way to have melty cheese?

What are your thoughts on vegan cheese?

Cheese comes in so many forms. What's the superior state of cheese?

If you're going to have a burger you may as well put cheese on it. But what kind of cheese do you need?

Take a moment to appreciate what the best kind of cheesecake is.

You're at Subway getting a sandwich. What cheese are you asking for?

What kind of cheese did your parents always put out when they were having people over for dinner?

Not all cheese is created equal. What cheese do you dislike the most?

If you want something a little different in your lunch, what cheese will you go for that's a little less mainstream?

Who has time to chew? What's the soft cheese that entices you?

Some cheese is hard as a rock but still tasty when you grate it down. What's your hard cheese of choice?

What's the stankiest cheese you've ever tried?

Even though cheese goes with almost everything, it still only goes with "almost" anything. What's the worst cheese combo you tried?

You can eat cheese alone but why not pair it with something awesome? What goes best with cheese?

Of all the cheese sandwiches in all the world, what's the one you'd never get sick of?

What's your opinion on Cheez Whiz?

So how much cheese is too much cheese?

Is it better to make something with one kind of cheese or as many kinds as you can get?

No one is going to judge you if you tell us if you've ever just taken a bite out of a whole brick of cheese.

Some cheeses are aged with flavoring in them. What flavor do you want the most?

Cheese and potatoes go together like peas and carrots. But what kind of potato and cheese pairing is best?

Parents always try to dupe kids into eating veggies by covering them in cheese. What veggie with cheese is best?

Nearly every country in the world makes cheese. The question is where does the best cheese come from?

If you were making homemade lasagna, what cheese would you absolutely need to have besides the mozzarella?

If it's taco night then you need cheese for your tacos! What's going on yours?

Some cheese melts and some doesn't. Which do you prefer?

What's the best cheese-flavored snack you can get?

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