Can We Guess What State You Belong in Based on the Words You Use?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Many times, the words we use can tell others a lot about us. From our education levels to the regions we grew up in, our vocabularies hold clues that run a lot deeper than what we are trying to say. During this quiz, we're going to examine the words that you use to figure out which of the 50 states you should call home. 

Our questions will focus on both the words that you frequently use and the words you do not find yourself using all that often. By putting your word choices under the microscope, we'll be able to pick up certain traits and qualities that you are not coming right out and obviously displaying. Rather, we feel that your word choices will put them clearly on display. 

After we've seen the words you choose, we'll pair up those hidden gems of your personality and relate them to the state you should call your home. How far away will it be from where you live now? Will it be the same place you are now? Choose your words wisely, and we'll tell you everything except the zip code or the name of the town you should live in. Which state will it be? 

Which word do you find most disgusting?

How do you refer to your vehicle?

What do you call money?

What do you call your significant other most often?

How would you describe a wealthy person?

If someone is being rude, how would you sum them up?

What do you call your nose - other than "your nose?"

Do you always call them your feet?

Which word for your backside do you use?

What do you call the place you live?

Do you call it pop?

How do you order a beer?

Where do you go to relieve yourself?

How do you answer the phone?

Where do you sit in your living room?

When something smells bad, how do you describe it?

What letter does your favorite curse word start with?

Instead of saying "zero," what word would you use?

Which word do you use to say that something is beautiful?

Which word meaning friend do you find yourself saying most often?

How do you say thank you?

What do you call the first course of a meal?

What slang word for pizza do you say?

Is it a milkshake or is it a frappe?

How do you refer to kids most often?

Which word for mouth do you spit out most often?

What funny word do you use most?

What word would you use to describe a tornado?

What might you exclaim in happiness?

How do you hang up the phone?

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