Can We Guess What Position You Played in Hockey?

Daniel Yetman

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About This Quiz

If you look at all the players who've ever played in the NHL, it doesn't take long to see some trends in body size among different positions. For example, how many 5'5" defensemen have you seen manning the blue line? However, we don't believe looking at somebody's body type alone is enough to identify their position. When it comes to forwards, there's tons of variation among individuals. For example, some players like Alexander Ovechkin are power forwards and are well over 6 foot and 200 pounds. Some other speedy forwards like Theoren Fleury are closer to 5 foot than 6 foot.

We believe that different personality types correlate better for guessing somebody's position. For example, all good goalies need to be able to perform under pressure and be fearless when it comes to the puck. Good defensemen need to be able to cover their man in the zone, and good forwards need to be able to find the net.

What position did you play? We bet we can guess! All we need is for you to answer these 30 questions. And if we get your position wrong ... maybe that just means you were playing the wrong position all along. 

How fast can you skate?

How quick are your reflexes?

Which of the following best describes your build?

Which of the following players do you admire the most?

Did you get into a lot of fights?

If you were winning 1-0 in the final minute of the game, would your teammates want you on the ice?

How good is your slapshot?

Which of these was your strength?

What kind of stick did you like to use?

How important is back-checking?

How did you score most of your goals?

If you had one of these nicknames, which one would best fit?

Could you win a face off?

Which NHL Skills Competition event would you win?

Could you skate backwards well?

Where did you spend most of your time?

If you were losing 1-0 with a minute to play, would your teammates want you on the ice?

What type of shifts would you play?

Which of these teams would you best fit on?

Which of these teams would win the Stanley Cup?

What was your weakness?

If it was a tie game in sudden death overtime, what would your plan be?

How high is your pain-tolerance?

How creative of a person do you think you are?

If you were skating into the other team's zone with the puck, what would you do?

Would you often block shots?

How flexible were you?

Were you good at anticipating what the other team was going to do?

Which one of these would you hear most often?

Would you get more goals or assists?

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