Quiz: Can We Guess What Position You Played in High School Football?
Can We Guess What Position You Played in High School Football?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Erik Isakson / Blend Images / Getty Images

About This Quiz

In many states, high school football is more than just a sport, it's a religion. There is something about high school football that doesn't just who off an athletes skill level at the game, it shows how tough that person is, how much they want to win for their team and their town, and how much hard work it is going to take to get there.

But the thing about football is, there are so many different players needed to be on a winning team, and there are so many different positions that those players need to fill, each of them has a variety of different skill levels, and each of them takes a special kind of personality. If you're an offensive lineman, you're strong and tough but your urge is to protect, while if you're a defensive lineman you have the desire to attack. Wide receivers, running backs, cornerbacks and safeties are the athletes and daredevils of the bunch, while the quarterback is not only a good athlete but the leader of the crew as well. Then you have the kickers and special teams guys, who are a bit more hard to define. Take this quiz and we'll guess what position you played in high school. Hut hut.

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