Can We Guess What Position You Played in High School Baseball?

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All sports teach more than just how to play. They teach strategy, teamwork, timing, and on some level, deception. Some sports are more likely than others to cultivate specific qualities, and in that regard baseball truly stands alone among sports.

Baseball is unlike most popular sports in that it is not timed. Perhaps the most American aspect of the game, not being against the clock means that a good team can keep scoring until they fail to get on base without getting outs. The longest recorded game in professional baseball lasted eight hours and six minutes when the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings played in 1981.

Baseball is also unique because it is both a team sport and a one-on-one sport. It is a team sport in that yes, there are teams, however when you get down to it, it's about the pitcher facing the batter in a one-on-one confrontation. The team sport only kicks in when the batter is successful. Moreover, each position in baseball is wildly different in what they require of athletes. While soccer has only a few "types" of athletes whose makeups mean they can play several positions, baseball has very specific expectations of its position players and pitchers. As a result, nearly any kind of athlete can find a place on a baseball team.

We think we can suss out which position you played when you were on the field. Care to give our best guess a try? Take the quiz!

Under what circumstances do your colleagues turn to you for help?

How much do you rely on getting things done quickly at work?

How dynamic is your skill set?

How large a project would you be put in charge of at work?

Did you remain in your high school baseball position after high school?

What do your work peers rely on you to always do?

How much education were you required to get in order to have your current job?

How adaptable is your skill set?

How quickly do you react to unexpected events at work?

How much do you rely on brute force at work?

How antsy do you get when you're waiting on an opportunity in the workplace?

How much punishment are you willing to take to get what you want?

How subtle of a communicator are you?

How much time do you need to get up to speed on a new job?

When might a colleague pull you into their project?

Which of these best describes the industry in which you work?

How often do you find yourself getting tunnel vision?

How much continuing education do you find you need to keep sharp for your job?

How much do you rely on deception and surprise at work?

What makes you good at your job?

How celebrated are you by your colleagues?

How good are you at spotting what your work rivals are doing?

How good of a batter's eye do you have?

How are you at making work presentations?

In contrast to how they feel about you, how essential are you to the success of your employer?

How's your arm?

Which of these best describes your job?

How much do you rely on strategy at work?

How clear of a communicator are you?

Did you keep playing baseball after high school?

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