Can We Guess What Position You Played in Baseball?

By: Zoe Samuel
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Baseball may be America's national pastime, but that makes it sound like any other sport, favored by any other nation. This is far from what baseball is. Baseball is one of the few sports in the world that is not timed. In theory, a baseball game could go on forever. Furthermore, no baseball game ends in a tie. There is always a winner and a loser.

Baseball accommodates all types of physiques since certain positions call for very specific physical qualities, but not others. While a five-tool player will be appreciated in any position, no pitcher is expected to be a defensive savant, and no catcher is expected to steal a lot of bases.

 Baseball is most American in how it has roles for every kind of player, no matter what their physical makeup is. Quick hands may put you on the infield, and swift legs may put you in center field, but with some small tweaks to other defensive characteristics, those same qualities could sit a player behind the plate, or at third base. The chemistry of a baseball team is a mutable thing. Some teams sport tall, lanky shortstops, while others have diminutive shortstops in the mold of Mighty Mite, rather than Derek Jeter or A-Rod.

Baseball players' psychological makeups are similarly important to the positions they play. While many fans may think of catchers as bruised meatheads, most of them are the biggest intellectuals on their teams. In this ball of contradictions, we will sort out your past position from a few simple questions. Take this quiz, and we'll guess what post you had on the diamond.

What emotion do you prefer to experience when playing ball?

How tall are you?

How strong is your throwing arm?

What was your batting average?

How good was your slugging percentage?

After your playing days, how's your back?

How dexterous are you?

How quick are your hands?

How fast can you transfer the ball from glove to throwing hand?

How many bases would you steal per game?

Did you lay down a lot of bunts?

How often did you hit for a sac-fly?

How accurate is your throw?

How hard can you throw?

When talking about your hitting, what sort of language would people use?

After your playing days, how's your elbow?

Did you often have to make diving plays?

Were you prone to defensive errors?

Did you make a lot of errors on the basepaths?

How often would you catch a ball when the infield fly rule was in effect?

Did you hit a lot of doubles?

What would you do with your downtime during a game?

What would you snack on during a game?

What number did you wear?

What era of baseball was the best one?

How often have you crashed into a wall to make a play?

Other than your primary position, what other position have you played?

How often would you be on the field when the game came to a close.

After your playing days, how are your knees?

What's the best method of cheating?

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