Can We Guess What Language You Studied in School?

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All high school and college students are required to take some units of foreign language classes. Some students study different languages for a reason. What are yours?

Maybe you're the artistically inclined foreign language student, and you study other languages to appreciate better the arts of the land that speak that particular language. You could even choose to be very fluent in that language so that you won't need to read the subtitles of their foreign films!

If you're a foodie, learning the basics of foreign languages could also help you in deciphering menus and food lists. If you've ever confused cheese with risotto or gelato with gelatin or soufflé with sake and stuff like that, then there could be a big advantage if you can just read and understand menus, right? Right! Careful with what you order!

But, of course, most people like learning foreign languages in the hopes of traveling to places where those languages are spoken. And sometimes, you don't even need to leave your country to speak a foreign language, because a country can also be diverse and house people from nations that speak other foreign languages. 

So, let's see what kind of language you took back then, based on your personality. Take the quiz, and let's take a wild guess --together!

Do you want to travel to South America?

Are you a fan of red wine?

Do you plan on shopping in cool places like Hong Kong or Singapore?

Are you a fan of great art from the Renaissance?

Are you great at rolling your "R"s?

Can you survive on eating bread as a staple food, day in and day out?

Are you fascinated with different kinds of foreign alphabets?

Did you ever fantasize about living “inside” the world of "The Godfather" films?

Are you a fan of poets like Pablo Neruda?

Do you love hanging out at sidewalk cafes?

Are you a fan of historic ancient civilizations?

Are you a fan of designer brands like Gucci, Armani, Prada, or Versace?

Did you ever fantasize of having a hot “Latin lover” in your life?

Do you have a nasal voice?

Are you a fan of Bruce Lee films?

Do you love many kinds of pasta dishes?

Do you want to travel to cities like Madrid or Barcelona?

Are you a fan of the French New Wave films?

Do you love eating dumplings?

Are you expressive with hand gestures when you speak aloud?

Are you up for partying in Ibiza?

Are you open to eating exotic food, like snails?

Do you appreciate Jackie Chan’s action-comedy films?

Would you like to visit great historical establishments, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa or The Colosseum?

Are you a devout Catholic?

Do you want to travel to Europe someday?

Do you like eating rice meals?

Do you think gelato is the best kind of dessert there is?

Are you a fan of Mexican cuisine?

Do you want to travel to exotic Asian locations?

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