Can We Guess What Language You Spoke in a Past Life?

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Past lives creates a lot of opportunities to speak languages other than modern English. Indeed, if you look back in time, you will find that even languages themselves evolve, becoming unrecognizable over time. Not only did modern English evolve from a Germanic language mixed with medieval French, some historians believe that the English of Elizabethan England spoke with something that would, to modern ears, sound like a Jamaican accent. French, likewise, traces its roots to Romance, an earlier Frankish tongue. Spanish spawned Ladino, a medieval dialect still spoken in some communities in Morocco. Chinese of course comes in many flavors, with classical, written Chinese in one corner, and the myriad dialects of the spoken language everywhere else. Indigenous peoples from Australia to Arizona have languages whose ancient ancestors are lost to history, for they did not have written language and thus, no Rosetta Stone.

In your past life, it's likely that you were from some place that spoke a language you don't speak now, and may never be able to learn. It is curious, since the languages we speak are proven to impact the way we think about things; people who speak languages with male and female tenses will refer to nouns deemed female with feminine adjectives and male objects with male ones, meaning the speaker of one language may call a bridge "strong" while another would call it "graceful". Are you ready to find out what tongue was in your mouth in a past life? Take this quiz and find out!

What do you think constitutes a great accomplishment for a nation's government?

Which of these is closest to your current mother tongue?

How do you feel when confronted with a mystery, like seeing a magic trick?

What is the most esoteric sort of book you've read?

How would you feel if you were the head of a company that became an industry hegemon, like Pfizer, Facebook, or General Motors?

How long is your fuse?

How many languages do you speak?

What are your thoughts about your neighbors?

How do you feel about ideas spoken, versus ideas written down?

Which of these fears do you feel the most?

How successful do you feel?

What's your idea of a good time?

How do you keep your friends close?

What industry do you find the most interesting?

What style of art do you like the most?

Which of these sports do you think you'd like the most?

Which historical era do you find the most fascinating?

Which monument do you find the most inspiring?

How do you feel about your nation's government?

How do you feel about the study of dead languages today?

What kind of music do you like best?

If you were to learn a second language or have already done so, what language would it be, or is it?

How do you prefer to write important things you need to carry with you?

Which school of philosophy do you find most appealing?

How geographically scattered is your family?

How far away from your home town is the home town of your romantic partner?

How do you feel about strangers from other lands?

How long are your office hours?

How do you express yourself creatively?

How many past lives do you think you've lived?

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