Can We Guess What Kind of Woman You Want to Marry?

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Many people daydream about walking down the aisle with the woman of their dreams, someone they can confide in, be inspired by, and ultimately go through life together with. Yet in reality, these folks struggle to find the girl they want to be with. Just think about all the millions of people who are longing for love and haven't found it yet.

For some, the biggest challenge of meeting women is the initial sequence, introducing themselves and breaking the ice in a way that makes her want to keep the interaction going. For others, the problem lies in the rapport-building phase, discussing common interests and making sure long-term views are in alignment.

But the biggest problem you may run into when it comes to pursuing a woman is not knowing what type of person best matches you. Of course, every woman is their own wonderful creation, a mix of inherited genetics from her parents and cultural influences from friends and the media. But like all living creatures, with some observation, it's possible to roughly categorize women into a few different types. "Different" is the key word, as none are better or worse than the others.

Your match is simply a matter of your personality and preferences in a romantic partnership with a woman. Tell us all about your tastes and we will let you know what kind of lady you should be on the lookout for.  

Where do you anticipate meeting the woman you marry?

How long will you two date before you get married?

What's the most important personality trait in a woman you marry?

What would the two of you be doing on a typical weekend evening?

How long will you be married before having kids?

What kind of style do you find most attractive in a woman?

How important is it for your romantic partner to get along with your friends?

How did your mother treat you growing up?

Did you date a lot of women when you were in high school?

Who is your favorite famous TV wife?

Weddings are an expression of personality – where will you two get married?

What did your parents say to you about dating as a child?

What's the main reason you want to get married?

No relationship is perfect. How would you handle conflicts in the marriage?

Marriages are a two-way street. What's the main thing you have to offer?

What is your ideal woman's occupation?

How old will your partner be when you get married?

Is it important that your wife can cook?

Faith is a big factor in relationships. How important are your partner's religious views?

What would be your favorite type of date with your wife?

How do you see the two of you handling your household finances?

What kind of hairstyle do you prefer a woman to wear?

How much do your woman's political beliefs matter?

Who will do most of the planning in your marriage?

How will she get along with your parents?

What kind of hobby do you think your spouse will have?

How do you see yourself asking your dream woman to marry you?

Is it important for a woman you marry to have her own income?

How will you two handle time apart from one another?

What do you think will be the hardest part about marriage?

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