Can We Guess What Kind of Student You Were in School?

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Whether you love it or hate it, everyone has to go to school at some point during their lives. Whether you stopped right after high school, or you find yourself in a career which requires continuing education classes, school and classes can be complicated for many people. Getting an education is one of the many hoops we all have to jump through. So, were you the teacher's pet or a class clown? Were you always nailing every assignment, even if you didn't need the extra credit, or did you not even want to show up to class? Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, so it's OK either way.

So, can we pin down exactly what kind of student you were back in the day? Were you always the first person to raise your hand in class or were you somehow always late? Some people consider school the best years of their life and others look back on them with absolute and total dread. These experiences can really shape your whole life and who you eventually become. Answer our questions, and we will do our best to guess where you fall on the scale of being a good apple or tough noodle! 

Were you often late to school?

How competitive are you?

Where are you most comfortable?

Did you do a lot of extracurricular activities?

How did you feel at your high school graduation?

Did you want to go to college as a teenager?

Was getting up early hard for you?

How much of school did you feel was pointless at the time?

Did you feel a lot of pressure to get good grades?

What did you like most about school?

Which subject did you enjoy most?

Did you date a lot in high school?

Did you get along with your parents as a teen?

What mattered to you most in high school?

Did you put a lot of effort into your hair, makeup and clothing in school?

Did you go to your school dances?

Which emotion describes you most as a kid?

Did you have a lot of different groups of friends?

Were you afraid of getting in trouble as a teen?

As a kid, did you love to do things you knew you should not have been doing?

How do you feel looking back on how you used to dress?

What did breakfast used to look like for you on weekday mornings?

As a teenager, did you have a lot of crushes?

Did you have a goth or emo phase?

How much did you care about your grades?

Which archetype do you feel resonates with your school experience more?

What was your biggest escape in high school?

How strict were your parents?

Were your goals for your life as a teenager realistic?

How much do you think you have changed since school?

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