Can We Guess What Kind of Guy You're Least Attracted To?

By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Attraction is a fickle thing that varies from person to person. We all know what we are "supposed" to be into when it comes to those of us who prefer a man: a tall, wealthy, muscled gentleman who is exactly sensitive enough, but not too sensitive. He's athletic, but not a total gym bunny, he's smart but not too nerdy, he's creative but not impractical, and he's great in bed (usually meaning very experienced) but absolutely monogamous when he meets the right person.

Of course, in real life, it's really not that simple. Attraction is a very singular thing. People like very different things - and we also dislike different things too. One person's great conversationalist is another's crashing bore, just as one person's successful partner is an absentee workaholic who only cares about money, and another's sensitive artist is an impractical loser. What one sees as recklessness, another might see as a delightful spontaneity, while being laid-back can look very much like not caring enough, and being kind can tip over into being somewhat of a doormat.

Then there are the characteristics that pretty much everyone can agree are repulsive: selfishness, cruelty, infidelity, and so on. But which of this disgusts you the very most? Take this quiz and let's find out!

How important is kindness in a guy?

Should he make a lot of money?

Do you care if your friends like him?

Do you stand up for yourself?

What habit would really stress you out in someone who lived with you?

Do you work a lot on self-improvement?

Are you a dominant sort of person?

Do you notice when people are sad, without them saying?

Do you often need a hug?

How independent are you?

Do you need your fella to be funny?

Should he value you being funny?

Do you like a traditional "man's man" type?

Do you like the idea that he might one day beat someone up for you?

How supportive should he be of your career goals?

Would you rather be single than with the wrong guy?

Do you like to be the one who makes most of the decisions?

Do you mind having to ask for basic things like keeping shared space clean and tidy?

What's a total first date dealbreaker for you?

Assuming it had clearly been read more than once, what book on a man's bookshelf would absolutely creep you out?

What job do you think is just a really horrible career choice?

What news source is the most annoying one?

If his family was mean to you, what reaction would definitely make you question his decency?

Other than physical abuse, what is the worst thing a person can do to their partner?

What is the one thing you should always be able to count on in a partner?

What would really embarrass you if your partner did it in public?

What minor thing would really drive you up the wall if your partner repeatedly did it after you asked them not to?

Not that you're shallow, but which part of a man's body absolutely has to be within certain parameters for you to date him?

Do you want him to brag about you to other people?

What about your partner do you want to be able to brag about to everyone?

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