Can We Guess What Group You Were a Part of in High School?

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Though we all grow up, high school is an experience that determines much of the trajectory of our lives. A good experience can prepare us for a productive social life and networking at a university. Even a negative experience in high school can motivate us to reinvent ourselves as college freshmen, tackling the adult world without the baggage of adolescence.

Love it or hate it, nerd or jock, your high school experience influenced the course of your life. Perhaps you got your first job because you approached someone who reminded you of your chess coach, and because you liked them, they liked you. Maybe you married your high school sweetheart, and wearing a ring on those first job interviews gave potential employers a feeling that you were a more serious adult than your competition. Perhaps you developed a love of a specific subject or activity that put you on the life path you currently follow, or you rejected those very details of high school life, choosing instead to veer off in another direction entirely.

Pretend we are at a party, having a normal conversation. We will ask you a series of questions (don't feel you need to ask us any in return; this is all about you) which will give us the insight we need to know what high school crowd you called your own!

How much time did you spend preparing your appearance in the morning?

Do you consider your high school years to be the best years of your life?

What was your signature vice?

How competitive is your profession?

How often would you hear the music you like, if you listened to the radio?

Do you work in a creative field?

Which movie conforms to the kind of fare you'd watch with friends?

How "alternative" did you become as an adult?

How much of your time was spent studying things that you might study in college, but would never be assigned in high school?

How much do you cringe when you think of who you were in high school?

How lucky were you in love?

Did you have a lot of friends?

How was your relationship with your parents?

How different were you between high school freshman year and when you graduated from high school?

How different are you today from your high school self?

Did the change of scene in college show you that you were actually very good at some of the subjects in which you performed poorly in high school?

How much did you conform to society's idea of who you should be?

How much did you reinvent yourself for college?

How often were you bullied in high school?

What was your best academic subject in high school?

How recognizable was your appearance in high school?

How respected were your high school hobbies?

Did younger kids think you were cool?

Did you hang out with your friends because it would improve your prospects?

Are you still in touch with your high school cohorts?

Would you say you had a great time in high school?

When you were in high school, did you envision a career in the arts?

Did you dream of being a writer in some capacity?

Did you think high school would launch you to collegiate stardom in some way?

When you were in high school, what did you think would happen after you graduated from college?

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