Can We Guess What Food You're Obsessed With?

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About This Quiz

We promise that it won't be kale, but what food are you obsessed with? Which food could you eat every day and never grow tired of stuffing in your face? Tell us about your diet, your lifestyle, and your amazing sense of humor; then, we'll be able to accurately guess the food you have a major obsession with. Your likes and dislikes will reveal more than you can imagine!

As you go through the quiz, imagine yourself sitting at the world's largest buffet or shopping at a monstrous grocery store. The foods you choose to slap on your plate or throw into your cart, and the foods you choose to walk right by will tell us a lot about your tastes and your personality. 

We will also ask you to tell us about your experience in the kitchen and the restaurants you like to frequent. After we know more about your taste in food than your own personal chef would know, we feel confident that you will give away your food obsession!

You might want to grab a snack and a few napkins before you begin! If nothing else, this quiz is going to make you hungry. Open up and say yum, and we'll tell you your current food obsession!

Which salad topping do you like most?

Which fast food restaurant do you go to most often?

Which grocery store aisle costs you the most money?

How do you prefer your steak cooked?

What kind of tacos do you like most?

How would you rate your cooking skills?

Which kind of cheese do you like most?

Coffee or tea?

Do you prefer sweet or savory snacks?

Which adult beverage would you have with pizza?

Which condiment do you use most?

Do you order hard shell or soft shell tacos most often?

Which kind of sushi would you order?

Do you take brown bag lunches to work?

How many times do you eat per day?

Do you eat healthy?

What would you NEVER order on pizza?

Which snack food would you reach for first?

What herb do you use in your cooking most?

How long can you go without eating your favorite food?

Have you ever tried haggis?

Which kind of restaurant would you prefer to get takeout from?

Would you say you are a food snob?

What kind of bread do you like most?

Which breakfast side would you prefer?

Which vegetable do you like the least?

Do you prefer black olives or green olives?

Which soda would you wash down your dinner with?

Which kind of bagel would you prefer?

Which flavor milkshake would you order?

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