Can We Guess What Dominant Trait You Look for in a Partner?

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Attracted to a sense of humor? Or maybe you only date people with the same taste in books? There are so many different people in the world, and yet, the people you date all tend to have something big in common. Maybe you just have a thing for redheads, but we are willing to bet that your taste in partners is more than skin deep. 

Whether you have found the love of your life or can't stop dating duds, it isn't too hard to see the dominant trait you keep going back to. Everyone has a type, and we can definitely guess yours. 

But how well do you know your type? If you have no idea what kind of person you keep falling for, you can easily be blindsided by relationship woes! Take some time to pay attention to your likes and dislikes, and think about what type of partner is going to complement your personality. When you pay attention to what a relationship is providing to your life, it is much easier to pick the perfect partner for you. 

With all the fish in the sea, it is hard to know who is the right catch for you. So see if we can guess what you are looking for in your perfect partner! Maybe we will reveal the dominant trait of the person you are really meant to be with!

What kind of humor do you laugh at the most?

Which first date sounds most enticing?

What has been the biggest issue with your past relationships?

Which of these facial features catches your eye?

Who is the first person you dish about your dates to?

What is your favorite form of entertainment for a date?

Which weekend getaway sounds most romantic?

Which adventure story would impress you the most?

What would turn you off of a potential date the quickest?

How much do you value your privacy?

Which of these accessories do you find adorable on your partner?

Which gift would touch your heart the most?

Who is it most important that your partner get along with?

Which dessert would you love to split?

Which of these is a must for your partner?

Which character trait do you value most in yourself?

Where do you go when on the prowl for a new date?

Who is your ultimate relationship guru?

At which place would you hate being asked out?

Which pet name can you not stand?

What was the best quality of your last relationship?

What physical feature is your most seductive trait?

Which cuisine is best for a short take-out date when working late?

If your partner came with a pet, which would you prefer?

What kind of a relationship are you looking for?

Which creative class would you love to take with your cutie?

What quality do you admire most in your best friend?

Where do you daydream of stumbling into your soulmate?

Which Halloween couples costume could you not resist doing?

Which song is the most romantic?

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