Can We Guess What Decade You Were Born In?

Olivia Cantor

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About This Quiz

Each generation has its own specialization when it comes to many things. Innovations, wold events, monumental changes in the universe, great achievements in human history and development, you name it, every decade has its fair share of these things to bullet point in their outline. So what about yours?

Sometimes, we can go by these huge and humongous facts and figures to determine just where you belong in the bigger scheme of things. Sure, we can mention an important event or two that everyone around the globe knows. But isn't it better to use smaller snippets of life that you grew up with, and then see how these snippets resonate with the bigger picture? And that bigger picture features you, front and center! 

Do you still remember what you played when you were growing up? Do you remember favorite toys, favorite playthings, or favorite snacks and candies? Yep, we all got them! It's interesting to compare and contrast these things as the decades rolled by. We're sure that each generation has their collective faves, and they all have collective dislikes as well. It's a growing up thing, for sure.

So, let's see if we can at least estimate the decade you were born in, by answering the clues we provide. Shall we? We shall!

Did your whole family watch "Star Wars" on the big screen?

Did you ask for a brand new Game Boy for Christmas?

Did you own a purple Barney stuff toy?

Did you gorge on Planters Cheez Balls or Cheez Curls?

Did your parents let you watch a new educational TV show called "Sesame Street?"

Did you also wear Michael Jackson’s "Thriller" video costume on Halloween?

Did someone teach you how to dance the "Macarena?"

Did someone teach you how to surf the web before you turned 10?

Did your older brother fancy himself as The Fonz when you were little?

Were you able to watch the Space Shuttle Challenger explode on TV?

Did your mom scold you for listening to Britney Spears songs since you’re way too young to know what she’s talking about?

Did you play Tag! You’re It! outside with the neighborhood kids?

Did you have your own Atari at home or did you play video games at the arcade?

Did you try eating many of those Jawbreakers?

Were your parents glued to the television when they announced that Princess Diana died in a car crash?

Did you learn some of Beyoncé’s dance moves?

Did they dress you up in tie dyed baby tees?

Did you borrow your siblings’ Walkman, or did you have your own?

Were you able to guess the hints on "Blue’s Clues?"

Do you remember having soldier relatives being deployed in a very far land called Iraq?

Did your older brother or sister show you how to disco dance to "Stayin’ Alive" or "Dancing Queen?"

Were you allowed to play Mario Bros or Super Mario Bros?

Did you roll out one of those Hubba Bubba Bubblegum tape things?

Did you travel with "Dora The Explorer," too?

Did you eat a lot of that Space Dust sizzling candy or Pop Rocks?

Did you play with a brand new Nerf ball?

Did you grow up watching SpongeBob SquarePants?

Do you recall your relatives talking about an event that happened on 9/11?

Did you eat one too many of The Reggie bars?

Did you visit Disneyland when you were a kid?

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