Can We Guess What Clique Your Crush Is In?

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

Does your crush have face tattoos or are they more wholesome than Chris Pratt? On Saturday night, is your crush wilding out at a show or studying at the library? You might think that your current crush is an extremely well-kept secret, but we've designed this quiz to sniff out the #facts!

You might think that we're going to guess the identity of your bae by asking you all about them. Actually, that's wrong. Instead, we're going to ask you all about YOU. Based on your answers, we think we can figure out which clique your crush belongs to. How's that going to work? Well, the fact is, we get crushes on people because we want to be like them. So, by understanding you, we think we can understand the kind of person you're thirsting after.

But maybe that's a weird flex. Maybe you're the exception that proves the rule ... Maybe you're the person so sneaky, our quiz will never be able to figure your crush out! Well, there's only one way to find out. So stop writing then erasing "casual not casual" DMs to your crush, and jump into this quiz! (We promise not to tell anyone at school about your results.)

How do you dress?

When's the last time you felt shook?

If your crush asked you out TODAY, how would you feel?

What are you good at?

Imagine that you and your crush are teamed up on a school project. Who would do the most work?

If your crush told you your favorite hobby was dumb, would you still like them?

How do you get along with your fam?

At festivals, which one of these people are you?

Has anyone ever called you a "brain"?

When you see your crush, how do you usually feel?

Let's say you could study abroad in any country in the world. Which one would you pick?

Do you like your current clique or do you want to change it?

If your crush actually asked you out, what kind of date would you want with them?

Has anyone ever called you a "freak"?

Are you most comfortable doing what everyone else is doing, doing what your friends are doing or being a total individualist?

Who's your favorite Kardashian?

If your crush dared you to walk the ridge of a roof in high heels, would you say yes?

Would you rather have ten good friends or one GREAT friend?

Has anyone ever called you "swol"?

If your crush asked you to lie to everybody in school on their behalf, would you say yes?

Do you like adulting, or do you wish you could stay in high school forever?

In your opinion, what's the funniest TV show of all time?

What's your favorite kind of self-care?

Has anyone ever called you "basic"?

If you were a jewel, what kind would you be?

When you're upset, what kind of music do you listen to?

If your crush said they'd date you on the condition that it was kept completely on the down-low, would you agree?

What's your dream job, diva?

Let's talk tiny pets. What kind do you crave?

Last but not least: Do you actually like your crush or do you just want to BE your crush?

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