Quiz: Can We Guess What Childhood Toy You Still Have?
Can We Guess What Childhood Toy You Still Have?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Wiki Commons by Dhscommtech at English Wikipedia

About This Quiz

Hanging on to our childhood happiness is important to being well-balanced adults. When we connect with the true joys of our childhood, our feelings of goodness increase. It only makes sense to keep some of your favorite childhood toys because they retain your happy memories of growing up alive! Do you think we can guess which one you still have?

We think we can figure out which childhood toy you still have, but we'll have to hit the playground first! Our quizzes are not like pop quizzes, and you'll have a lot of fun telling us about your favorite childhood memories, toys, and things you liked to do when you were still growing. After we get a good feel for the type of kiddo you were, we'll try to match your younger self with the childhood toy we think you still cuddle with from time to time.

Whether you spend your downtime with your Speak & Spell or you light up your nights with your vintage Gloworm, the answers you give us will give you away. You might be a kid at heart, or you may have reached full maturity, but there's nothing wrong with keeping your childhood toys. Can we guess which one you kept all these years? Let's see!

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What part of school did you like most?

7 of 30
What were you most afraid of when you were a kid?

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Which childhood movie would you watch again?

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13 of 30
What were you like as a kid?

14 of 30
What did you want to be when you were little?

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Which decade would you consider your formative years?

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Which candy did you like most when you were growing up?

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What were your parents like?

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Which of your childhood traits have you carried into being older?

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Which food did you like most when you were small?

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Which playground toy was your favorite?

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