Can We Guess What Car You Own?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

The car you drive is more than just a means to get where you need to go! The car you drive is often a reflection of your personality, your financial status, and the way you view the world. Throughout this quiz, we'll get to know you and your driving habits. By the time we're done, we're confident we will be able to guess exactly which car you own!

They say that dogs take on their owner's personalities, so it's only natural that spending time in your car would have the same effect. Over time, we tend to take on the traits of our car. If you're fortunate enough to drive a top-shelf Porsche, you may have more discriminating tastes than those of us that drive third owner cars. Then again, those of us that drive old beaters might just have a little more in the bank that someone living for their next car payment. 

No matter what kind of car you drive, we're sure we'll be able to figure it out based on you. Sure, we will also want to know a little about your car, but cars are relatively boring compared to your sparkling personality. Tell us everything, and we'll match you up with your ride!

How old are you?

How rich are you?

How much do you enjoy driving in your current car?

How comfortable is your car?

How practical is your car?

Are you out to impress anyone?

Do you really not care about what car you have so long as it is cheap?

What was the last non-commute trip you took?

What was your dream when you got your car?

If money were no object, what car would you own?

What cars do your colleagues drive?

What's the most dangerous situation you've been in with your car?

How often do you plan on replacing your car?

Who do you usually ride with?

Do you ever get jealous of someone else on the road?

How many giant packs of TP can you fit in the back of your ride?

Have you ever taken your car onto a real, unpaved back road?

How discreet is your car?

How important is the term "naturally aspirated" to you?

Are you a bit of a car bore?

Have you customized your car in any way?

If you could change one thing about your car, what would it be?

Where do you live?

How do you dress on weekdays?

Are you in a relationship?

How many cars do you actually own right now?

How reliable is your car?

What do your friends think of your car?

Could your car manage to get through a major snowstorm?

Would your car make a good getaway car in the event of the zombie apocalypse?

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