Can We Guess What American Accent You Have?

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If you put 40 people together in a room, all of whom speak English, I bet most of them would have different accents. The English language as a whole defines the words we use, how we use grammar and how we pronounce things, but accents turn those words and pronunciations into a whole new beast. There's actually a name for the study of variations in the pronunciation of English: North American English regional phonology. Studies of the sort can be done on multiple characteristics such as sound-based, vocabulary-based and grammar based. All of these things together determine regional accents of the English language.

There are countless American accents, as even your region isn't enough to break down an accent. Some towns, cities and states within a region could have a different version of the regional accent. There are, however, the five most common accents: New England, Midwest, Southern, New York and the general American accent referred to as "neutral" which basically means the accent cannot be discerned to a specific region.

Some people are also just really good at imitating accents or acquire accents that don't make sense given where they live. Think we can guess what America accent you have? Answer these questions to find out!

What does the word "wicked" mean to you?

Where is your favorite place to get coffee?

What brings you peace?

How do you define the word "bubbler"?

Do you prefer to walk places or use another form of transportation?

Does your area have a special name for a liquor store?

When it comes to car interiors, what is the best material for seats?

Did you have any interesting names for games growing up?

Is there a superior way to get to your city's major airport?

What is the most popular sport in your area?

How do you like your chicken prepared?

When working out, what type of shoes do you wear?

Where do you go after work?

Do you have nicknames that apply to almost everyone?

What do you call the thing that keeps hair in a pony-tail?

How can you tell when you've gotten a good hotel room?

What is the best thing about your region?

Does your region have a signature dish?

How do you refer to the sweet, bubbly beverage that pair well with pizza or rum?

Where do you do your grocery shopping?

Do you like American history?

Your ideal weather conditions are what?

Do you have a favorite dessert?

Is housing affordable in your area?

What is your favorite sandwich?

What does barbecue mean to you?

Which season is best celebrated in your area?

Do you have a special name for the thing that changes channels on the tv?

Which alcoholic beverage is your region known for?

Do you hate another state for seemingly no reason?

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