Can We Guess What % Marriage Material You Are?

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Getting married to someone is one of the biggest commitments of a person's life. Sure, there's the fun of the wedding, the honeymoon and buying a house, but what about when the butterflies wear off? Do you think you're ready to face the hardships of a marriage? We're not saying that marriage is no fun, but it's important to realize that spending your life with someone is not all fun and games!

Marriage is about learning and growing with the person you love. Some days will be fun and wonderful, but there are also days that will probably be filled with fights. Both of these scenarios are normal, as it's essential to communicate with your partner openly and honestly. If you keep secrets from the person you love, then the relationship will most likely slide downhill. 

And that's where the phrase "marriage material" comes into play. A man or a woman who is marriage material is someone who will do almost anything for that special someone. They will work hard in a marriage to make it work, even if it means sacrificing some things that they love. Tell us more about yourself to find out what percent marriage material you are!

Who would play the role of the chef in your ideal relationship?

How big of a house would you want to live in with your significant other?

Do you know a thing or two about budgeting and finances?

Which of the following situations matches with the way you argue with someone?

Are you OK with talking about uncomfortable topics or is this something that you try to avoid?

How independent of a person are you on a scale of 1-10?

Does the idea of commitment scare you away from wanting to get married?

If you were going to marry the person of your dreams, what would your wedding theme be?

Would you be able to get along with your significant other's friends and family members?

Your wedding anniversary is coming up! What are you going to buy for your significant other?

Be honest here — are you the type of person who always flakes on plans?

Which of these exotic locations would you want to get married in?

How would you feel about being the breadwinner between you and your partner?

If you needed help with something, would you talk to your partner first?

Do you believe that you and your partner have to agree on everything?

Are you willing to change for the better when it comes to a successful marriage?

Would you be willing to talk to a marriage counselor with your partner?

It looks like your partner is too tired to wash the dishes. Are you going to lend a hand with this?

How soon would you want to marry the person of your dreams?

Do you tend to show your anger in an aggressive or a passive-aggressive way?

If your significant other was wearing a shirt that you didn't like, would you tell them how you feel?

Let's say that your partner really wants a cat, but you don't want one. What are you going to do about this?

Which of these movie couples do you secretly want to be like with your ideal partner?

Are you the type of person who would write poetry for the person you love?

How much do you overreact when it comes to the small things in life?

If you were going to talk about your partner behind their back, what would you say about them?

A long-distance relationship isn't for everyone, but is this something that you're willing to go through for the person you love?

Do you always miss the love of your life when they're not around?

Would you be willing to take time off of work to travel with your partner?

Be honest here — do you feel like you've found the one in your life?

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