Can We Guess the Type of Girl You Wish You Were Dating?

Ian Fortey

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About This Quiz

Finding that special someone in life is often easier said than done for most of us. Studies have indicated that people will have, on average, around five or six fairly serious relationships throughout their lifetimes. That pretty much indicates that when we think we've found the one, we're not always right. And that's OK; you need to test the waters and see what's what out there before you making any kind of eternal, life decisions, right? 

Still, it'd be nice if you had some guidance or help along the way. The problem is, in matters of the heart, sometimes even you don't know what you want. Not always. It's a very confusing situation at the best of times, and since it's a partnership, you have to take a leap of faith and truth this other person, too.

Sometimes the easiest way to find out about ourselves is with the help of someone else. People with a more objective view can sometimes see the things we hide from ourselves. For instance, if you answer a few questions about yourself for us, we bet we can figure out exactly what kind of girl you'd love to be dating right now. Don't believe it? Take the quiz and see.

Is marriage the ultimate goal you're looking for in a relationship?

What do you like most about sitting around a campfire?

When you're at the beach, what are you most likely to be doing?

If you're buying a new car, what color do you want it to be?

What's the worst place you could go on a first date?

Show off your sandwich-making skills. What's your favorite sandwich to make?

What are you most likely to order when you're at a bar?

Is there an element you have a connection with?

Let's say you're in the world of superheroes, what woman would you most want to date?

If you're on a long road trip, what are you listening to on the radio?

If you're just loafing around the house having a lazy day, what are you likely to be wearing?

If you were going to build a house, where would you build it?

What's the best kind of cookie ever?

Would you ever have your friends over for a viewing night of a movie?

How many serious relationships have you had in your life?

Some animals are much too dangerous to try to pet, but let's say it was safe. What wild animal would you give a belly rub?

What is your favorite holiday?

If you were heading out to a new restaurant, what kind of cuisine might you be trying?

How do you react if you're out driving and someone cuts you off?

Social media is pretty much everywhere these days. What's your platform of choice?

Everyone likes a party, right? What's your absolute favorite kind of party?

What city would you most like to visit if you had a week to spare?

You're supposed to eat vegetables if you want to be healthy but let's be honest, some veggies are awful. Which one do you like the least?

You can never go wrong with pie. Which of these is the best kind?

What is your absolute favorite store in the world to shop at?

If someone is throwing a potluck dinner and you need to bring a dish, what are you bringing?

What stresses you out the most about being in a relationship with someone new?

Which season of the year do you enjoy the most?

If you were going on a trip, how would you most like to travel?

What are you doing on a Saturday afternoon if you have no real plans?

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