Can We Guess the Make of Your First Car?

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For so many teenagers, a driver's license is their first taste of freedom. Do you remember that first solo drive after you turned 16? Windows down, music blaring and the open road in front of you? Those hours spent bored out of your mind in driver's ed were worth it. You knew the gas pedal from the brake pedal and were more than ready to strike out on life's literal (and figurative) highway. When you look back on that first ride, what car were you driving?

Some kids work summer after summer saving for their first car. Others wake up on their 16th birthday to find a bright red bow atop something with four wheels in their driveway. However you came to acquire your first car, you were just happy to have one. No more bumming rides from friends or asking your parents for a lift (how embarrassing). So, what was the make of your first car? Something sporty to match your super athlete reputation? Or was it practical and reliable like your study habits? Take our quiz, and we'll do our absolute best to guess the make of your first car. What are you waiting for? Let's hit the road! 

In high school, which of the following did you most identify as?

What's your go-to sport?

How did you celebrate your 16th birthday?

Take a look at your current car, how clean is it?

After getting it, where was the first place you drove your first car?

Think about the first song you played in your car. What type of music was it?

Imagine you're taking a road trip with your friends. Where are you most likely to go?

You want to accessorize. What's the first thing you add to your new ride?

Drive-thru, anyone? What's your favorite fast food?

It's Friday night. Where are you and your friends headed?

You take care of your ride. What maintenance chore do you actually not mind doing?

In high school, what were you most likely to get grounded for?

What color was your first car?

Which "Fast and the Furious" movie is your favorite?

How much money do you usually put in your gas tank?

What's your favorite season to drive in?

On your 16th birthday, what was your second favorite birthday present after your car?

During your driver's test, how difficult was parallel parking?

What part-time job did you have to pay for your car-related expenses?

If money were no object, what would your dream car be?

Which of the following actors would you love to go on a road trip with?

Let's go for a drive. Which one of these famous routes would you like to cruise?

When is your favorite time to drive?

If you have a free weekend, what are you most likely to do?

What's your driving nightmare?

Which of the following actresses would you love to go on a road trip with?

Don't drive on an empty stomach. Which road trip snack can you not live without?

If another driver were to cut you off in traffic, what would you do?

It's first thing in the morning. Where's your first stop in your car?

Which alternative (read: magical) vehicle is most your style?

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