Can We Guess the Cut of Your Wedding Ring?

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If you love your boo and you want to make that love official, you're probably thinking of marrying them at some point - or perhaps you already have! After all, marriage is a public commitment and a beautiful way to celebrate finding that special person.

Of course, some people are cynical about marriage. That can be a real shame, because it's good for your health, your wealth, and just feeling happier. Indeed, the much-heralded decline of marriage is actually a myth. Modern marriage is in terrific shape, as marriages these days are actually far more stable than they were thirty years ago! More and more marriages succeed, not just in lasting, but also in fulfilling the needs of both partners. The people who enter into marriage are more intentional about their decision, profoundly respecting the institution upon which they are embarking. 

All in all, marriage is winning - and that means people still need beautiful rings to celebrate their love and commitment, just as they have for a hundred years and more. However, because marriage is more varied, this means the rings people choose are also a delightful variety of shapes and sizes. Tell us a little about you and we'll see if we can figure out what sort of ring you'll be wearing forever!

How traditional are you?

How much do you worry about conflict diamonds?

Does it have to be a diamond?

Who's buying the ring?

Might an inherited ring make an appearance?

How big will your wedding be?

Will the proposal come as a surprise?

Are you embarrassed by conspicuous displays of wealth?

Do you like the idea of getting an upgrade ring for your 10th anniversary?

What is the dominant color pallette of your wardrobe?

Do you live in a climate that demands gloves half the year, and thus, have to be able to get a glove over your ring?

Do you live in a safe neighborhood?

Who is the most glamorous celebrity of the past?

Whose fashion choices today do you love?

What do you like to be called by strangers?

Will you wear your ring to sleep?

Do you worry about your ring poking your boo?

Do you fiddle?

What sort of manicure is typical for you?

Are you planning a destination wedding?

How do you feel about paying a ton for ring insurance?

Have you ever lost something important and then felt terrible forever?

Where do you store your valuables?

Do you often fantasize about needing to have something on you that would work as a bribe?

Do you wear a lot of jewelry from day to day?

Is your other jewelry mostly real or costume?

Do you work with your hands?

Do you take your ring off to cook or clean?

Do you mainly just want something that looks good on the 'Gram?

Can a ring be too big?

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