Quiz: Can We Guess the Color of Your Soul With This Crystal Test?
Can We Guess the Color of Your Soul With This Crystal Test?
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: amesy/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Did you know that the type of crystals you're attracted to can actually reveal hidden aspects of your psychology? Your feelings, dreams and intentions all combine to give your soul its aura, the color of which is connected to your unique energy signature. According to those who do energy work with crystals, if you find yourself drawn toward certain gemstones, it means that your soul is balanced by having their special healing properties in your life. 

For instance, those who are drawn to pink rhodochrosite may need to learn to love themselves more, suggesting that their soul has a lemon-yellow aura. On the other hand, someone who enjoys turquoise might want to learn to express themselves more openly, which is indicative of a soul with a sky-blue aura. 

In this quiz, we're going to find out the color of your soul by asking you which crystals resonate the most with you. We're also going to ask you questions about how you balance your personal energy in general, through queries about your favorite essential oils, work habits, yoga poses and more. By the end of the quiz, we'll have formed an accurate picture of how crystals and other energetic tools impact your aura, which we'll use to diagnose your soul's true color. Ready to find out what it is? Let's dive in!

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If you could have a ring made from any precious gemstone, which of these would you choose?

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Of all these crystals, which one do you find the most calming?

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When you are trying to ground yourself, which of these essential oils do you reach for?

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You're being given a hot stone massage. What kind of rocks do you ask the masseuse to lay on your back?

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Your partner wants to give you a crystal to wear around your neck. Which one do you pick?

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What's your favorite kind of quartz?

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If you could use crystals to heal any personal problem, which issue would you select?

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Which of these crystals makes you feel happy and hopeful?

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Of all these semi-precious stones, which one do you find the most beautiful?

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What's your favorite yoga pose?

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Which of these essential oils do you like to wear when you're feeling happy?

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Which of these flower essences do you use to purify your chakras?

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If you wanted to enhance your intuition, which crystal do you feel would be the most helpful?

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Where in your body do you experience the most chronic pain?

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If you had the chance to experience one of these cleansing rituals, which one would you pick?

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When you need to uplift your soul, which crystal is your saving grace?

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If you needed to repair your quality of sleep, which crystal would you place on your bedside table?

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It's Valentine's Day. Which crystal do you wear in order to promote a romantic mood?

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If you were stranded on a desert island, which crystal would you hope to have with you?

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