Can We Guess If You're Younger Than 30 Based on the Food You Love?

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Believe it or not, your age plays a major role when it comes to your favorite types of foods. In fact, not only does your personality change as you grow older, but your palate does as well! Your taste buds are constantly evolving, and the foods that you loved when you were younger may not be your favorites when you become older. Whether you think we're right or wrong about how your palate changes as you age, this fun food quiz will explore a little more about what you're currently craving.

Food preferences are not exactly black and white, since a human being's palate relies on various types of "tastes" from your favorite foods. These basic tastes include bitter, sour, sweet, salty and umami (which is a fancy way of saying "savory"). For example, if you prefer more sour types of foods, then you might like recipes that includes citrus elements (mainly from lemon and/or lime juice). On the other hand, someone who loves salty foods may prefer chips, fried chicken and hot dogs. But remember, as your taste buds change, you may slowly start to prefer other types of these "basic tastes." Tell us more about the foods that you love to eat, and we'll determine if you're younger (or older) than the age of 30!

No pasta dish can be 100% flavorful unless it is topped with which of the following sauces?

If you could eat two pounds of one of these gummy candies, which one would you pick?

The bird embryo known as balut is quite popular in the Philippines. Do you have the courage to eat this?

It's a rainy afternoon, which means it's time to bake which one of these flavorful cookies?

When it comes to food, which of the following matters more to you: aroma, taste or texture?

You're making some homemade dumplings for the evening, but the real dilemma is choosing which of these fillings?

You woke up late this morning, and you only have time to eat a small cup of yogurt. Which flavor are you going to choose?

Do you prefer to eat a hearty meal during breakfast, lunch or dinner hours of the day?

Let's say that you're at a fancy steakhouse for dinner. What would be your response to the question, "How would you like your steak cooked?"

Choose wisely now! Would you rather eat only fruits or vegetables for the rest of your life?

It's time to take a trip down south! Which of these Southern foods are you ready to indulge in?

Which of these coffee beverages turns your frown upside down during the early morning hours?

Aside from regular beef burgers that you're probably familiar with, which of these exotic burgers are you willing to sample?

Tonight, we're treating you to one of these restaurants for dinner. But the question is, which restaurant will you choose to dine at?

The great side debate can only be settled with your tasty opinion! Are you on team onion rings or team french fries?

Which of these seasonings can be paired with almost any type of savory dish?

It's time to build a sundae! But before we have some fun, we have to decide on a delicious ice cream flavor first!

On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest), rate your tolerance levels when it comes to spicy foods.

Does milk taste better when it's plain or does it need some chocolate or strawberry flavors added to it?

Ramen isn't the only staple that Japanese cuisine is known for. Which of these Japanese favorites are you eager to try?

When it comes to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, what percent of these spreads do you put on two slices of bread?

When you see leftovers in the fridge from two days ago, which of these expressions do you suddenly make?

Do nuts really belong in desserts like brownies and cookies or do they have a home in the nearest trash bin?

Your best friend is cooking you breakfast this morning and wants to know how you like your eggs cooked. What will you say to them?

Don't be shy! It's time to expand your palate by trying one of these exotic types of fruits!

Would you rather eat two habanero peppers or eat 10 freeze-dried crickets?

Which of these flavorful breads is the optimal choice for a delicious grilled cheese sandwich?

It's time to travel to India to indulge in some flavorful curry! Which of the following is starting to make your mouth water?

It's quite chilly this evening, which means it's time to warm up your soul with which of the following hearty soups?

We know that you secretly love s'mores! Want to tell us the best part about this rich and delicious treat?

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