Quiz: Can We Guess If You're Falling in Love?
Can We Guess If You're Falling in Love?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: skynesher / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Everyone wants to fall in love. It isn't just the excited feeling that you get when it's first happening, although that is really amazing of course, it is the feeling that you have found someone who is going to make you feel special until the end of your days. When you're in love, you've not only found someone that you think is amazing, that will love and support you, but you've also found someone who is going to be your significant other for the rest of your life as well. And how cool is that?

But the thing is, sometimes it is hard to tell if you're actually in love or not. Sometimes it might seem like you are, but then the whole thing fizzles out, and you're left wondering what you were thinking. Other times you might know someone for a really long time; maybe it is someone at work or someone that you've been friends with, but it would never occur to you that this person could be someone that you could love. Then all of a sudden, one day it happens. Take this quiz, and we'll guess whether you're falling in love or not. It could save you a lot of time.

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How much do you want to get married during your life?

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How often do you want to be around people?

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How often do you see people you think are totally hot?

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How quickly do you get bored if you aren't doing anything?

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What is the longest you ever spent in bed with someone?

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Do you care about people's opinions that are different than yours?

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How would you feel if you texted a friend and didn't hear back for a day?

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Do you want to help people do things that are hard for them?

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Do you get butterflies when you see someone you are crushing on?

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Do you think about what kind of parent you would be?

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