Can We Guess If You're British Based on This Yes or No Quiz?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Did you grow up less than a few miles from the local chippy? Do you guzzle Ribena like Americans guzzle soda? After you answer our yes or no questions, we'll be able to tell if you are British, part British, or another nationality entirely! 

While many of you will try to be cheeky and fool us, others will use that inherent stiff upper lip to put us to the test. By the time you've finished the questions we ask, you will give yourself away. We won't come out and ask you things like if you grew up in London or Yorkshire. There's no fun in being so direct! Instead, the way you say yes or no will be just enough to tell us what we need to know. 

We understand that Britons are as diverse as anywhere else in the world, and we wouldn't dream of asking if you were a chimney sweep in a former life. Instead, we will ask you a few questions about where you've been, what you like, and the words you use. After we have learned enough to consider ourselves honorary British citizens, we'll take our best guess. Will we get it right, or will we have it all wrong? 

Do you like chips and curry?

Do you often go to the pub after work?

Have you ever been to Spain?

Do you enjoy the taste of Ribena?

Are you a fan of "Dr. Who?"

Do you need a lot of ice cubes in your drink?

Do you refer to currency as quid?

Have you ever vacationed in a caravan?

Do you curse as much as Gordon Ramsey?

Do you own a pair of wellies?

Do you call the game footie?

Have you ever attended a rugby match?

Do you enjoy the music of The Sex Pistols?

Have you ever tried blood pudding?

Do you refer to Christmas as Crimbo?

Could you be described as cheeky?

Is Jamie Oliver a national treasure?

Are you simply in love with Princess Meghan?

Would you like to see a Spice Girls reunion?

Did you attend uni?

Is Yorkshire the most beautiful place on earth?

Do you know how to make toad in the hole?

Have you ever been on the dole?

Do any of your friends live on a council estate?

Do you collect royal family memorabilia?

Do you know what your coat of arms looks like?

Have you ever worn an ascot?

Do you light fireworks on November 5th?

Do you call jeans your pants?

Does the word fanny make you giggle?

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