Can We Guess If You're British or American Based on the Words You Use?

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There are all kinds of differences between the United Kingdom and the United States. Some are governmental: the U.S. has a federal structure and a president, making its executive branch separate and equal with its legislative and judicial branches. The U.K. has a parliamentary system: members of the legislature are elected to serve within it, and the largest party forms a government, drawing its executive ministers from within the legislature. And, of course, there's the monarchy.

Other differences between the two nations are financial. For example, the top tax rates kick in at lower brackets in the U.K. than in the U.S., but citizens get a lot more for a very similar overall tax burden, including healthcare that is free at the point of need. 

Other differences are cultural. For example, the U.K. makes quite a ritual out of drinking tea, while Americans tend to prefer coffee. Brits drive on the left, while Americans drive on the right. Only a few Brits own guns and, by law, keep them in gun cabinets, while many more Americans own guns and specific laws vary state to state.

However, few of the differences are as obvious as those surrounding language. Each country has a number of accents and idioms within its borders, and a person's use of these will often tell not just which nation they herald from, but where specifically. Can we pinpoint you, at least down to the country? Let's find out!

What do you call a long, thin deep-fried potato stick?

What is a slang word for an adult man?

What slang word might you use to describe a police officer?

In the phrase, "It's 100 miles away," where is the emphasis?

What do you call an outdoor party with food cooked on an outdoor grill?

What is a small, fast-leavened bread that is usually served with American Southern food?

Is a crumpet the same thing as an English muffin?

What do you call beer that doesn't contain live yeast?

What is the smooth area beside a paved road that the people walk on?

What is the thing on the end of your pencil that gets rid of what you've written?

When people wait in an orderly first-come, first-served fashion, what is that collection of people called?

What is a lowbrow but hearty restaurant where you go for a nice breakfast?

What is a black coffee?

What is a puffy egg batter side dish called?

What is bacon called that isn't in long thin strips?

What is a slang word for a sandwich?

What is a catch-all term for the final course of a meal?

What is a cute insect that is usually red with black dots on the back, like a domino?

What is the thing you twiddle above the sink to make water come out?

What is a sleeveless, woolly layer of clothing that goes above a T-shirt but below a coat?

What does a baby wear so that it does not soil everything?

What have you done if you've topped yourself?

What have you done if you've boned a fish?

How many stairs do you go up to reach the first floor?

What is the large box on a cable that carries people between floors in tall buildings?

What does a trainer do?

What do you call the undergarment you wear on the lower half of your body?

What might be referred to by the slang term "bog"?

If you have a nice shag on the living room floor, what did you do?

What is the front of the car called?

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