Can We Guess if You're an Organ Donor?

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There is more than one kind of organ donor. There are, of course, people who leave their organs to science or donation upon their death, usually something that can be opted into when one gets one's driver's license. This simpler kind of organ donation is very important to saving lives, and it feels good to know you're going to be helpful in death.

Then, of course, there is the other kind of organ donor: living donors. The first living organ donation on record was made in 1954 when a man got a kidney from his identical twin. Organ donation is a tricky business, because of the risk of organ rejection, when the body sees the replacement part as some kind of pathogen. As a result, recipients of organ transplants often need to take a cocktail of medicines that repress the immune system. 

More importantly, the selection of an organ donor has to be done very carefully. It's possible that one's closest relatives still can't donate organs, despite best wishes and similar DNA. Luckily, there are many paired organ donation programs, where people who need organs but have incompatible donors can be paired with other people in the same situation who do match. This way, everyone gets to help out their relatives or friends.

Still, many people are neither living donors nor have they an organ donor card. Can we figure out your status? Take the quiz and find out!

Have you ever gone under the knife yourself?

How often do you dine out?

Do you have any chronic acquired illnesses?

Do you have any religious prohibitions that would stand in the way of donating?

Have you ever given blood?

How willing would you be to sell a major asset, like a car, in order to save the life of a friend or loved one?

What do you believe you need for the afterlife?

Would you be willing to eat using silverware that looked clean, but might have been used by someone else without washing it after?

How much do you worry about the cleanliness of food outside of your home?

Would you say you drink heavily?

Do you have any inherited diseases?

What is your blood type?

Have you ever considered riding a motorcycle?

What do you typically have for breakfast?

How do you feel about sleeping outside?

How often do you visit your doctor?

Have you ever lied on your resume?

How would you describe your feelings at the thought of the sight of your blood?

How well do you know human anatomy?

Which burial style appeals most to you?

What do you do for a living?

Do you have a lot of friends who are very different from you?

How educated are you?

Can you bear to sit through a long bus ride full of strangers?

How much does noise bother you?

Do you like to talk to strangers?

When did you register to vote?

How often do you clean your home?

Have you ever lied on your taxes?

How much do you fear death?

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