Can We Guess If Your Spirit Is More a Fox, a Wolf or a Dog?

Talin Vartanian

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The inner spirit of human beings may be an abstract topic, but we're here to solve this mystery for you! In fact, your inner personality radiates various animalistic qualities, since humans and animals are not all that different from each other. These types of traits can vary from apparent to more mysterious and subtle, so let's shine some light on this for a moment!

Take a snake, for example. Snakes are very quiet creatures that sit back to observe the behavior traits of their prey. Most of them are also quite scared of human beings and only attack when they feel like their life is in danger. If you're like a snake, you might be observant of other people, but also fearful of socializing with them. And like a snake, you might also have some mysterious qualities about you that makes your inner soul like a puzzle to figure out. But if you're not like a snake, maybe you're like a dolphin, who is happy and cheerful in nature! This may be especially true if you like to be surrounded by other people to feel a sense of happiness. If you're curious about which animal resonates with your inner spirit, take our animalistic quiz now!

Does 12 hours of sleep sound glorious to you, or is that really just a big waste of time?

When you see someone who is about to hug you, do you run away in fear or embrace them with open arms?

Does the idea of living in a forest sound like fun to you, or is the comfort of your home enough to make you happy?

Would you rather gain the ability to see clearly in the dark or see clearly underwater (without goggles)?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how animalistic is your personality?

Which of the following elements does your inner soul resonate with the most?

When you hear the word "change," do you cower in fear or embrace growth like it's no big deal?

If your life was like a map, which direction would you currently be facing toward success?

Let's say that you've just been suddenly transformed into an animal of your choice. Would you eat other animals to survive or would you rely on plants?

Are you the type of person who is skilled with navigation, or do you need a map or a compass for directions?

Would you describe yourself as a family-oriented person, or do you walk alone in life?

Choose carefully now! Would you rather change your past, present or future?

Let's talk about your outer personality for a moment. Is it more cute and adorable or strong and ferocious?

You might look a certain age, but what age represents your current levels of wisdom?

If you could choose one of your body parts to glow in the dark, which one would you opt for?

Let's pretend that you are a mystical type of animal. Would you want to make others known of your presence or remain hidden in the shadows?

Is your inner soul as delicate as a flower or is it as resilient as a brick wall?

Would your friends and family members describe you as a patient type of person, or is this completely false?

You can change one of your eye colors to any color you want! Which one are you going to choose?

Everyone has at least a few layers to their personality, right? How many layers does your personality have?

If your life was like a comic book story, would you be the hero, the villain or someone else?

Pretend that you just arrived at a fancy party. Are you making a beeline for the food, the drinks or the social interactions?

Are you generally more calm in nature or do you have frequent mood swings?

On the spectrum of creative to logical, where do you fall on this type of intelligence scale?

Do you require the finer things in life to be happy, or are you content with simplicity?

When it comes to group projects, would you take charge like a leader or follow instructions from others?

When you find yourself in a pickle in life, do you tend to ask for help or figure things out on your own?

Let's say that your life was like a type of line. Is this particular line curved, straight or jagged?

Are you the type of person who trusts others easily, or is this an uphill battle for you?

Do you tend to follow your instincts in life, or are you always battling with your inner thoughts when it comes to making decisions?

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