Can We Guess If Your Favorite MLB Team Is a Contender or Pretender This Year?

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Since the earliest days of professional baseball, the game has been in a long term evolution. While a couple of players were unofficially crowned "home run kings," no one bothered counting their homers until the advent of Babe Ruth. Even Lip Pike, the first pro ballplayer and early home run king, is said to have hit a staggering 14 home runs in a season. Let that sink in. In less than 40 years, "a lot of home runs" went from maybe 14 (no one knows for sure) to 60. With the expansion era, the balance shifted, and so has every adaptation to the game, from designated hitters to changing the height of the mound to keeping baseballs in humidors.

Today, the game has changed primarily because of our ability to measure and analyze players' performance. Players don't just train for slugging percentage anymore. They train for BABIP, PERA, and YIPPY which isn't actually a sabermetric yet, but probably will be by the time you finish this quiz. As a result, physical makeup and preparation isn't what it used to be, and some teams are suffering unexpected losses and crazy injuries. It's a total paradigm shift. The good news is, we understand it all. Just answer some of our questions and we will tell you how your team will do this year!

Among all of the MLB teams, how does your team's budget measure up?

How many veteran players do you think your team should trade away for prospects?

Do you think your team would do better in huge park with an outfield where pop flies go to die?

How deep is your club's farm system?

How many players are starting the season on the injured list?

How many position players are batting under the Mendoza line?

How often do the announcers calling games for your team talk about your team's average and slugging percentage?

How many players were on your team's injured list at its peak last season?

What is the WAR (wins above replacement) of your best position player?

What percentage of save situations did your team's current closer convert into saves last season?

Given your loyalties, what do you think is the most important player stat?

How much of your team's manager's screen time is taken up by him making excuses?

To which category of league leaders does your best player belong?

What is the ratio of your team's announcers talking about position players' WAR to traditional stats like average?

What is your team's average player age?

How does your team's player payroll this season compare to last season's player payroll?

Which of these statements best describes your club's record last year?

How many players do you think your team should trade away for veterans?

Would your team perform better if it were in a park with a short left field porch, like Fenway?

Which of the following complaints do you hear most often from other fans of your team?

When was the last time your team made the playoffs?

How often does talk of your team's star players include mention of the term "launch angle"?

How often does the color announcer talk about your team's pitchers' ERA?

How many of your team's stars were hired as free agents, instead of coming up through the farm system?

How many of your team's rookies would it take to equal the pay of the team's highest paid player?

How many baserunners do your team's relief pitchers usually inherit from the starter?

How do your team's replacement players play relative to the injured players they replace?

What is the WAR (wins above replacement) of your number 1 starting pitcher?

When was the last time your team won the World Series?

Be honest. How often do you accurately predict success for your team?

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