Can We Guess If Your Blood Type Is Positive or Negative?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

There's more to your blood type than a random combination of letters and symbols. Many cultures believe your blood type is responsible for your fitness level, your dietary needs and your personality. In fact, the Japanese believe that blood types are a more accurate predictor of personal compatibility than the zodiac! 

During this quiz, we're going to do our best to guess whether your blood type is positive or negative. But don't worry — we won't need the aid of a tourniquet or a needle to figure it out. All we will need are your honest answers about yourself, the foods you eat and your workout routine. After you make it to the cookies and juice portion, we'll add up your responses. Then, we'll take our best-educated guess. 

Positive blood types are no better than negative blood types, so don't let that connotation fool you. There's no good or bad, but your blood type does influence you more than you might realize. Tell us all about yourself, and we'll take it to the centrifuge in our lab. Will we get the positive or negative portion of your blood type right? Or will we need a little more training on the subject?

You can be honest! Which of these words best describes your heart?

Are you the type to make impulsive decisions without consulting anyone?

Do you always make sure to get your yearly checkup at the doctor?

How well would your body handle giving up red meat and dairy?

Would any of your coworkers describe you as cooperative and helpful?

Do you think you are more thoughtful than your best friend?

Are you sassy enough to say what you think?

When you want a snack, do you reach for sweet or savory foods?

Do you worry about portion size when you make a plate?

Are you brave enough to donate blood without crying?

Would you say you are physically or mentally stronger?

Which one of your traits has veto power over all the others?

Which of these workout machines is more your style?

Do you try to keep the carbs to a minimum?

What kind of rating would you give your ability to multitask?

Have you ever been told to calm down because you're acting a little Type A?

When you go to bed at night, do you sleep with a nightlight?

Are you more the life of the party or the wallflower?

How do you usually know when you're compatible with someone?

If something is frustrating, do you give up or power through it?

How close do you get to drinking eight glasses of water per day?

What would you say is the most generous thing you've ever done?

Do you consider yourself a rule breaker or a straight shooter?

Which part of your body could use the most focus?

When you feel slow and lethargic, how do you perk yourself up?

What form of stress relief seems to work best for you?

How do you usually react when your plans get changed for you?

Do you pass up the elevator to take the stairs?

Could you last in a jump rope contest for at least five minutes?

Which combo is your idea of a good breakfast?

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