Can We Guess If You Would Be a Merciful or Merciless God?

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Mercy stems from the Medieval Latin merced-, merces-, which translates to "price paid" or "wages." When it comes to godly benevolence, though, it doesn't usually arrive in the form of doling out checks. Instead, it usually means the offering of forgiveness, kindness or some other form of generosity to followers. While the concept of a merciful God exists in several religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, some might dispute the clemency of the likes of Christ or Allah. How merciful are they, really, if you still get banished to hell or Jahannam for all eternity? That's up for some debate. 

Other deity-like figures, including Buddha, do not make people face sliced fingers, stoning or life in hell in punishment for their lack of faith or other "sins." Along with the likes of Jainism and Hinduism, Buddhism essentially teaches that karma will take care of things on its own.

So, what type of god will you be? Will you stone and smite or absolve and pardon? Unless you suddenly become a god sometime soon, the only way to know for sure is to take the following quiz. Let's pray you don't struggle too much to accept your divine destiny! 

Are you the only 'big human upstairs,' or are there are other gods like you?

Be honest. Do you consider yourself superior to all those humans out there?

Whether you created the universe or heal people with your divine will, do you enjoy your godly duties?

If you had to choose, what would be your absolute favorite part of being a god?

It's time to talk about those sinners and unbelievers. Which one of these actions would you deem a mortal sin?

Will you forgive your faithful followers for their sins?

What about unpardonable or eternal sins? Are there any sinners out there you consider completely without redemption?

What are your thoughts on unbelievers?

Time for your followers to prove their faith! How should they do so?

Did you create the universe?

How do you encourage people to find their faith?

What are your thoughts on suffering?

On an average day, you probably receive tens of millions of prayers. How do you manage them all?

Is there a sacred text for your followers to read?

What rules must your followers live by?

Whether one uses your name in vain or breaks a holy tenet, how quick are you to anger?

Which one of these quotes from religious texts do you like best?

As god, you will likely need to enlist some prophets to conduct your earthly business. How would you like them to serve you?

Which of these punishments would you like to bring forth upon one whom has done wrong?

What is one of your primary goals as god?

Now, let's talk about some ancient gods and goddesses. At least a thousand years before the Bible, the Gita or the Torah, Homer wrote "The Odyssey." Which of these Greek gods do you admire most?

As god, you now have the power to declare some creatures as sacred (or not). What will you decide?

Which one of these actions do you believe should be punishable by death?

Would you like any worldly depictions of your image on Earth?

So, god, what's up with all the bad stuff that happens in the world?

As a god, you have the opportunity to befriend deities and religious leaders from other faiths. Who do you want to be friends with?

During a religious ceremony, how would you like your followers to honor you?

Let's talk about your holy text. Which new commandment would you like to introduce?

Let's pick another religious quote. Which one speaks to you?

You get to establish another holy commandment. What will you choose?

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