Can We Guess If You Joined a Sorority in College?

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Going away to college can be a really big deal; in fact, it's one of the more intense experiences of anyone's adult life. For the first time, you are away from the comforts of home and thrust into a new environment. One of the hardest parts is that you will not know any people at all, except maybe your new roomie, and who knows if you're going to get along with her?

Joining a sorority can make your college life so much more fun and fulfilling, especially because sometimes you get to go to parties and wear matching outfits! The thing is, there are some people that don't like going to those kinds of parties and don't like the whole matching-outfit thing at all.

What about you? Did you join a sorority while in college? If you're the sorority kind of gal, it can mean long-lasting friendships with a group of diverse people that you wouldn't meet otherwise and connections on campus. It also can mean networking opportunities when you're out of school. If you take this quiz, we'll try and guess whether you were in a sorority or not. But you have to pledge you'll give us honest answers.

Do you like to throw signs with your hands in group photos?

How many photos do you have of you and your friends on your Insta?

Do you make friends quickly?

Do you and your friends ever wear matching clothes?

What is the most roomies you have had at any one point since college?

Do you and your friends keep secrets from other girls?

Do you like to sing with your friends?

Do you ever eat alone?

How into yoga pants are you?

Do you try to put other people's needs before your own?

How do you like to study?

Which show sounds most fun to watch?

Do you like to watch a lot of Netflix?

Do own anything from Lilly Pulitzer?

Do you always keeps up with the latest styles?

Did you ever go through a goth, emo or punk phase?

Which of these movies sounds most fun to see?

Do you like to cook at home?

What Island would you most like to go to?

How many times a week do you talk to your family on the phone?

What sounds good on a pizza?

How often do you go tanning?

Do you borrow your friends' clothes a lot?

What is your favorite type of social media?

How often do you give your friends car rides?

How many times do you text each day?

Do you know your friends' account passwords?

How often do you use a stair master?

What is your favorite workout class?

How much do you like Starbucks?

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