Can We Guess If You Have Blue, Brown or Hazel Eyes?

Tasha Moore

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About This Quiz

Hold up. This is lit. Our eye test will shine a bright light on your personality traits based on eye color. See this test to the end and be amazed by how well we describe your character.

The eyes might be the windows to the soul, but first and foremost they are a crucial part of the body's visual system. Humans change light energy into electrical currents and chemical compounds that travel along ocular nerves and through the brain to make vision possible. The process happens within seconds. Eye color makes such a huge impact at first sight, but the eye structure that determines eye color is a very fragile circular structure within the eye. The iris controls the amount of light that reaches the retina, where the chemical and electrical magic happen.

Why are eyes different colors? Light has much to do with a person's eye color. Some people absorb or reflect more light than others. Don't get shook if you notice correlations between people's behaviors and the amount of light they tend to absorb or reflect. Our test is a good way to gauge where on the personality spectrum you belong. 

There's no right or wrong answers or results, just lots of WOW! So get wowed now!

Choose the size of your T.V. screen?

When do you snack the most?

How many fingers are you holding up?

Count the pillows on your bed. What's the number?

Reveal the shape of your preferred pasta?

How do you take your burrito?

Do you see the first character of your license plate?

What weather pattern inspires you?

Is your beverage order consistently one thing?

When was the last time you added up your social media followers?

The next time you clean your home, choose your favorite tool?

Quickly pick your best meal of the day?

Does your easiest high school subject come to mind?

How fast did you read this question?

Care to confess your average nap time?

What's your take on phone skins?

Are generic wallpapers your taste?

Landscape or portrait selfies?

Concerning the serious matter of french fries: Curly, Waffle, Steak-cut or Crinkled?

Name your hygiene method?

How can the fam and the squad catch up with you?

Is your bathroom big enough for two?

Choose your fried chicken carefully: Fingers, Nuggets, Cutlets?

Do you remember the last television genre you watched?

What's your favorite web slang: omg, wtf, smh?

How long is your phone password?

Do you have a favorite emoji?

At the end of the workday, what do you normally do?

What kind of candy satisfies your sweet tooth?

Which of these is an ideal vacation to you?

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