Quiz: Can We Guess If You Drive a Toyota, Chevy, Dodge or Ford Truck?
Can We Guess If You Drive a Toyota, Chevy, Dodge or Ford Truck?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Massimo Calmonte / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

While it could be as simple as coming out and asking you which truck you drive, it certainly wouldn't be as much fun as letting us guess! Once you answer our questions about trucks, cars, yourself and other drivers on the road, we think we'll be able to get it right! Will it be a Toyota, a Dodge, a Chevy or a Ford?

We're sure that you've heard the rumor that owners can take on some of the same traits as their dogs. What you might not know is that it works the same way with trucks. We spend so much of our lives in our vehicles that it's only natural to begin to pick up some of our truck's traits. After we learn what drives you, we'll know what you drive. 

As we keep it between the lines of this quiz, every answer you give us will help us turn the corner on your truck's manufacturer. You might be as powerful as a Dodge Ram or as flashy as a Chevrolet Avalanche, and we'll see what we're looking for in the way that you respond. At the same time, we'll know the kind of truck you drive, too. Are you ready to put it in drive and go?

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Which economy car do you like most?

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Which muscle car is the sexiest?

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What is your truck's favorite feature?

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How would your mom describe your driving?

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Who usually rides shotgun?

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What kind of music usually blares out of your truck's speakers?

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Does your truck have four-wheel drive?

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How would you rate your truck's sound system?

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What do you have on your rearview mirror?

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